According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics' jobs report for March, employment rose by a whopping 60,900, knocking the predicted 20,000 out of the park. This is the sixth consecutive month where employment has risen. Total employment now stands at approximately 12,033,400, which is the highest ever recorded. Despite this significant increase, the unemployment rate remained the same at 5.9%.

Overall, the ABS jobs report for March seems to indicate that it is a very promising time for jobseekers at the moment, with the increased volume of job opportunities, and workers currently in employment across most industries, sectors, and fields. According to research conducted by Seek, casual employment is experiencing a surge in demand compared to more long-term forms of employment. Casual job listings increased by 19% over the past year, which was significantly greater than the 5% increase in advertising for full-time job vacancies.
The growth in demand for casual employment may be attributed to the benefits that it provides for both the employer and the employee.
Employers benefit from casual employment as they are able to scale their workforce in alignment with the dynamic needs of the business. Businesses often experience fluctuating levels of demand. Having casuals on board means that businesses are able to cope when times are tough and reduce employment costs during quieter periods.
Whilst employees benefit from casual employment, as it allows for greater flexibility, attracts higher hourly rates of pay, and promotes better work-life balance. A happier employee usually means a more productive one.

In terms of the industry with the most potential for employment, the Business Insider points to the service sector. According to the recent ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey, most employers (78% of participants) were not looking to expand their employee base, however, the services sector had a net employee outlook of +15%. Net employee outlook was calculated by subtracting the percentage of employers anticipating a decrease in hiring activity from those anticipating an increase in employment. This positive percentage indicates a relatively strong potential for employment in the services sector, as there are more job opportunities available for job seekers.

Generally, employment in Australia appears to be quite fruitful with higher levels of total employment. The areas that seem to hold the most potential for jobseekers are casual positions, particularly in the services sector. So, if you're on the hunt for a job that's probably the best place to start.

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