Australia has been buzzing lately. Major construction projects seem to be cropping up everywhere and job opportunities are flowing in various fields of construction, this is particularly true for infrastructure and residential construction. A major contributor to this recent surge in construction can be attributed to the significant allocation of funds in the 2017-18 Federal Budget to the construction industry. Approximately $75 billion has been set aside for public infrastructure projects across the country, namely roads and rail. Another key factor behind the significant increase in residential construction is the predicted exponential growth of Australia's population. With the population set to swell from 4,286,217 to 6,421,850 within 20 years, demand for housing will increase, particularly medium to high-density structures.
Whatever the reason may be, these major construction projects have led to the generation of thousands of jobs nationwide and greatly improved job prospects for Australians, especially for blue collar workers. Labour hire and recruitment agencies are currently experiencing an influx of various labourer and tradesman positions to assist with the completion of these construction projects. With most of the infrastructure and residential construction projects spanning over many years, there are plenty of job opportunities available in the foreseeable future.

Here are some of the major projects currently underway (or in the pipeline) across the country, that are pumping jobs into the economy.

New South Wales (NSW)


The $16.8 billion WestConnex project is a 33 kilometre-long motorway to connect and expand the current M4 and M5 motorways. Dubbed the 'missing link' in Sydney's motorway network, it is the largest road infrastructure project in Australia's history. Completion is expected to be in 2023.
WestConnnex is expected to generate approximately 10,000 direct and indirect jobs throughout the duration of its construction.

[caption id="attachment_4902" align="alignnone" width="750"]Australia public infrastructure WestConnex Map of WestConnex [Source: [NSW Gov](][/caption]

Sydney Metro

The Sydney Metro project is the extension of Sydney's existing railway system. It will add 31 new stations in the city, Northwest and Southwest areas. Some of the proposed stations to be constructed under the Sydney Metro project include Rouse Hill, Kellyville, Bella Vista, Chatswood, Barangaroo, Marrickville and so on. Completion is due by 2024.
To date, 15,926,859 hours have been worked, with more jobs still available.

Parramatta Riverfront Residential Developments

With Parramatta expected to become one of the fastest growing areas in Australia, a $314 million development plan has been pushed to transform Parramatta's riverfront into a major hub. The project will involve the construction of 723 apartments, retail spaces, and public spaces. The Parramatta Riverfront residential developments are expected to be finished in 2018.

Victoria (VIC)

Stockland's Residential Development in Northern Victoria

Stockland, which is one of the largest property groups in Australia, is set to construct approximately 12,000 residences in northern Victoria. This $4.6 billion development will be called Cloverton and boast an impressive capacity of roughly 30,000 people. Some other features of this development will include a shopping centre, retirement village, and train station.

Western Australia (WA)

Development of Perth's Riverside

Similarly to Parramatta's Riverfront development, Perth's Riverside is set to undergo a transformation to make it make it a more vibrant hub. The six-hectare precinct will. Perth's Riverside development is expected to create 450 jobs during construction alone, and much more once all the establishments have been completed.


The METRONET rail is a $2.5 billion infrastructure project aimed at connecting Perth's suburbs by rail. The METRONET development will include extensions of the Joondalup line to Yanchep and the Thornlie line to Cockburn. To complete this railway development, approximately 10,000 jobs will be created.

[caption id="attachment_4904" align="alignnone" width="593"]metronet train perth METRONET Project [Source: [ANZIP](][/caption]
Queensland (QLD)

Bruce Highway Upgrade

The Bruce Highway project involves upgrading the structure to help improve its capacity, safety, and efficiency. The Bruce Highway will become six lanes, the speed limit will be increased to 110 kilometres per hour, and be reinforced to withstand a 1% AEP (annual exceedance probability) flood event. Completion of the Bruce Highway project is expected to be in late 2020.

Cross River Rail

The Cross River Rail project will involve the construction of a 10.2 kilometre train line connecting Dutton Park and Bowen Hills, as well as four new stations located in the inner-city and upgrades to Exhibition Station. 5.9 kilometres of the Cross River Rail will consist of a tunnel underneath the Brisbane River and central business district.  2024 is when the Cross River Rail is expected to be fully operational.

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