Job interviews are an excellent way to gain valuable first impressions of potential labour hire candidates, gauge how they'll work in a team, and filter down the applicants to find the most suitable person (or people) for the labour hire role. However, while you're conducting the interview it can be difficult to know which specific signs to identify, that can give you an indication that you have got a potential star employee on your hands. To help you out a little, we have summarised Monster's tips of key things that you should be on the look out for when conducting job interviews.

1 - Answers The Questions You Ask

Nothing is more frustrating than when you ask a simple question, and you're met with a generic convoluted spiel that addresses none of the points you were looking for. A good candidate will listen carefully to the questions you are asking and provide you with a concise and direct response. This highlights that the applicant has good oral communication skills, they are straightforward and an active listener.

2 - Has Done Their Research

Another vital sign of a good candidate is that they have come to the interview well-prepared and well-researched. They will display a real depth of knowledge about the position, the company, its culture, and values in the responses they give. A candidate that has done their research will usually be proactive, self-motivated and driven.

3 - Asks You Questions

Even though you are the one that is officially conducting the job interview, it is a good sign when the interviewee also asks you questions that are relevant and within reason. This shows that they are very much interested in the position and eager to learn more about the position and company.

4 - Eye Contact And Body Language

Consistent eye contact and open body language is also a positive indicator that you have found a good candidate. This is because it highlights that they are comfortable interacting with others and are confident in themselves, which are desirable traits in a potential employee.

5- Dresses For The Occasion

Make sure that you take note of the worker's attire. This can be a good indicator of how serious the worker is taking the role. It may also give you an indicator as to whether or not they are switched on.
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