At the core, a labour hire company and recruitment company are similar in the way that they provide workers. However, the types of workers that they may provide may vary. Most labour hire companies will provide temp workers under a contract or timeframe to complete a job. Recruitment agencies will more so provide long-term workers. This is not to say that a recruitment agency does not provide labour hire but that their scope of work is wider by the workers that they provide.

Recruitment - How can they help you?

A legacy recruitment agency typically will match a company to a worker who is looking to gain employment. Small to Medium sized businesses will use a recruitment agency as it removes the need for a human resource manager. There are many processes that you may go through when utilising a recruitment agency and this is to ensure that you have the perfect candidate for the role you're looking to fill. Some requirements that you need to specify may include the skills, experience and qualifications of the worker.

Once a candidate is placed, there may be a recruitment fee. This is varied depending on the agency but will usually start from about 15% of the annual salary which has been placed.

What are some benefits of using a recruitment agency?

When approaching a recruitment agency just remember that there are many benefits in how they provide labour to you; below are just a few:

Recruitment agencies will help save you time - Hiring labour can be time-consuming when you have to sort through hundreds of resumes if not thousands. This is particularly the case at the initial stages of sorting through applications.

Finding the best talent - Agencies will have a large talent pool of workers and their details. This means that you ave access to all these workers which you would normally miss out on.

Finders Fee - As there is a fee involved the recruitment agency will make sure that the labour that they find for you is the right fit. If the worker does not stay.

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Labour Hire How can they help you?

Labour hire companies will typically be required when a project of building or construction will start. Other cases in which labour hire workers will be required may include small commercial or residential project. This work can range anywhere from small plumbing home jobs to work that is highly specialised in working in commercial circumstances.

There are many benefits to using a labour hire company to supplement your labour force when needed; listed below are a few:

Flexibility is key - Most businesses will have peak and off peak times throughout the year. Supplementary labour allows you to scale your business when needed.

Try first, buy later - Labour hire allows you to try a person before you commit more time to them. If the labourer does not fit the company or isn't as experienced as you wanted them to be then you can get a replacement worker in hours. There is also the possibility of trying the person until they are ready to be hired full-time.

Savings - Both time and money could be saved through admin costs. Having a payroll person organise everything from insurances to super and tax can be a major benefit to people whoa re time poor.

Specialised skill sets - There may be times where you have a project that requires a specific skill set to get completed. Labour hire companies will often have labourers, skilled labourers or trades people with these skills set to help complete the job.

Training - Training can be time-consuming. Particularly for building and construction sites, most workers will require a ticket to be able to work on a construction site. If not a ticket, workers will need to be inducted onto the site before they start working. A labour hire company, depending on the size, assess a worksite and induct any workers for you.

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