Australia's labour market is in constant flux and demand for specific skill sets in various industries often change. Recently, the kinds of skills that are typically required by labour hire agencies have increased in demand. Specifically, there has been an increase in demand for construction skills, skills in certain trades, skills necessary for mining work, and so on. This is great news for those already qualified in these industries, as the increased availability of these kinds of jobs may result in a greater chance of finding employment. Also, being aware of this shortage may be beneficial for those looking to initially enter the labour market, as it can help guide their decision on the level of education and types of qualifications that they might want to pursue.

The following are some of the skills that are currently in demand in various blue collar industries:

Construction Skills

One of the main reasons for the spike in demand for skilled construction workers is the large-scale residential and infrastructure projects currently underway, or in the pipelines, across the country. In Sydney alone, projects like WestConnex, the expansion of the light rail network, the addition of high-density residential structures, and the Barangaroo Project, have generated thousands of jobs to ensure they are completed on time and within budget.
Another reason for the deficit in construction skills is that the workforce in the construction industry is aging, and fewer young men and women see construction as a viable career path. Thus, resulting in fewer people qualified to take on construction positions once the more senior employees retire.

Some of the construction skills/jobs that are in demand include:
-  Project engineers and managers
-  Forepersons
-  Estimators
-  Civil & Structural engineers
-  Civil labourers

Trades Skills

Similarly to the construction industry, various trades jobs are also experiencing an increase in demand as their skill sets are also required to assist with the construction boom. The additional investments into residential, commercial, and infrastructure projects have significantly improved the job prospects for a wide range of tradesmen. This is predicted to continue well into the future, with many projects being planned and lined up.

Some trades that are experiencing a shortage and are currently in demand, include:
-  Bricklayers
-  Carpenters
-  Glaziers
-  Plumbers
-  Cabinetmaker
-  Electricians

Mining Skills

Despite the slump that the mining sector had been experiencing, mining seems to be on the mend since commodity prices have begun to increase once again, and new projects are being spurred on by things like the growing need for metals used in technology. Since the mining industry appears to be flourishing once more, this has led to a resurgence in job vacancies. According to Seek, there has been a 70 per cent increase in the number of positions listed for the month of May, compared to the previous year. These prosperous times spell out great news for job seekers with specialised skills that are relevant to mining.

In demand mining jobs, include:
-  Shutdown workers
-  Drill specialists
-  Blast specialists
-  Mechanical Fitters
-  Boilermakers
-  Diesel Mechanics

To find out more about the various skill shortages in Australia and the jobs that are in demand, click here for information provided by the Australian Government's Department of Employment.

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