According to FairWork Australia, casual and temp workers are classified as employees with flexible hours and are not paid entitlements, such as sick and annual leave. Since casual/temp workers are not eligible for these benefits, they receive a higher hourly rate of remuneration and can terminate employment without notice. Temp workers are a good way to supplement your existing employee base.

Here are a few reasons why hiring temp workers to assist with your projects/business is beneficial.

1 - Stay Dynamic And Help You Keep Up With Demand

Recruiting temp workers is an excellent way to help manage the workload when demand increases. Temp workers allow you to quickly and easily supplement your existing workforce, to provide the additional helping hands you require to reduce the burden associated with boom periods. Hiring temp workers allows your business to stay dynamic and quickly adapt to a fluctuating market.To find out more about the benefits of a dynamic workforce click here to watch Susan Colantuono on her TED Talk.

2 - Hire Workers When You Need Them

Taking on temp workers gives you the flexibility you need to be able to cover the absences of other employees, such as sick leave and annual leave, last-minute demand, etc. Since the worker was hired on a temporary basis, there's no obligation to keep them when more permanent staff return and the burden of the workload lessens. A recent report by Deloitte University Press predicts that the On Demand workforce is only going to continue to grow.

3 - Potential For Long-term Employees

Hiring temp workers is an excellent way to trial employees for more long positions with your company. Initially hiring an employee on a temporary/casual basis will allow you to see what they're like on the job. If they prove to be a valuable worker, they can be easily transitioned into a more permanent role. Conversely, if the temp/casual worker does not quite align with the needs of the business, then there is no responsibility to continue their employment.

If you're an employer looking for temp workers to lend a helping hand, contact Workfast today!