How To Write An Effective Job Description When Hiring

Hiring a superstar employee may seem like a challenging task for employment and recruitment agencies as it involves complicated processes. However, the solution can be surprisingly simple. To increase your chances of finding the perfect candidate for the position you need to be filled, it is important to start with the basics and ensure that your job description ticks all the right boxes. The job description is an often overlooked aspect of the recruitment process. However, it is a crucial element that has the potential to bring fantastic candidates to you on a silver platter.

Here are some tips we have compiled to help you write a super effective job description that will help you attract the cream of the crop.

1 - Be Specific

Don't be afraid to be specific. Clearly communicating what the position entails, and what your requirements and expectations are, will help to paint a more vivid picture of the candidate you want to fill the role. A specific job description will help potential employees determine whether or not they are qualified for the role being advertised, and aid in narrowing down the talent pool to the most appropriate candidates. Transparency is key.

2 - Include Soft Skills As Well

In addition to listing hard skills, such as formal qualifications and certifications, you should also include the soft skills you expect your ideal candidate to possess. Soft skills are skills that are less tangible, but also very valuable, such as interpersonal skills and communication skills. Identifying the soft skills you want will help to draw candidates that will be well-rounded and align with (or maybe even enhance) the company culture.

3 - Be Realistic

Your job description should have realistic expectations of the person you will potentially be hiring. A job description that sets standards too high can deter people from even applying for the position. While a job description that sets the bar too low will lead to an influx of candidates that may not be appropriate for the role. It is important that you strike a balance between the two so that your job description can attract a good variety of people that are most suited to the position.

4 - What Can Your Business Offer The Candidate?

According to RecruiterBox, to attract great candidates, the job description you post should also highlight what the position/company will do for them. For example, specific benefits and prospects for future progression. This type of information makes the role, as well as the company, more attractive to driven and proactive candidates who are keen to not only fill the position but also stay for the long-term.
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