We all know that finding a job in Sydney can be a job in itself. Sydney's labour force and the availability of jobs is often tumultuous and can vary greatly between different industries. Factors like an increase in project investments, a shortage of specific skills, and increased consumer spending, can increase demand for certain positions. The trick to finding a job is knowing where to look and identifying industries where jobs are currently booming, and where opportunities are expected to increase in the near future. In addition to this, to successfully find a job it is important to know the avenues through which these vacancies are being posted.

Areas that are experiencing a boost in job opportunities, include:

Construction, Trade & Labourer Jobs

In light of the increased federal investment into infrastructure and residential developments, It appears to be a great time for people with skills, experience and qualifications relevant to construction and other trades.
It's no secret that Sydney is undergoing some dramatic changes to its infrastructure and built environment. Construction sites are littering the city and spanning out to the outer edges of the Sydney area. This means that there are currently many projects that require a number of workers to assist with their completion. Some of these projects include, Sydney Metro, the CBD and South East Light Rail, Barangaroo Project, and so on. Western Sydney, in particular, has benefited from the construction boom. Projects like the construction of the Badgerys Creek Airport, WestConnex, and the Parramatta Urban Growth Project, Parramatta Light Rail, etc., have led to the generation of tens of thousands of direct and indirect jobs. Construction jobs are expected to continue to be a strong source of employment, as the government will continue to support and fund infrastructure developments in the future.

Healthcare Jobs

As Australia's population continues to age, medical science and technology advances, and the general public becomes more and more health conscious, the  demand for various healthcare jobs is on the rise. The healthcare and social assistance industry is currently the largest employer in Australia, with over 1.5 million people in its workforce. This trend is only expected to strengthen in the foreseeable future. The Federal Employment Department predicts that by 2025, healthcare and social assistance jobs may increase by up to 798,000. Some of the most in demand healthcare and social assistance jobs include, aged care workers, social workers, physiotherapists, GPs, nurses, and so on.


Thanks to the construction of all the new hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes in Sydney's CBD, as well as the strong growth in Sydney's tourism industry, hospitality jobs are expected to increase. This surge in demand for hospitality jobs has also been spurred by changing lifestyles. As people become busier with work and leisure time dwindles, more and more people are opting to eat out, rather than waste their precious time preparing food. Some of the most in demand jobs include Chefs, waiters, bar staff, baristas, restaurant managers, and event organisers. It appears to be a fruitful time for job seekers in the hospitality industry, with many vacancies waiting to be filled.

Avenues you can use to find job openings in Sydney:

1) Labour Hire Companies

Signing up to a labour hire agency can be very beneficial for job seekers. This is because when you work with a labour hire agency, they bring the jobs directly to you. Once they receive a job that matches your skill sets, qualifications and experience, they will be in contact with you to put you forward as a potential candidate for the job. With labour hire agencies, the time you waste hunting around can be greatly reduced. Companies in industries, such as construction, mining, warehousing, events and retail, tend to use labour hire services quite frequently. So, if your skills and expertise fall within one of these industries, then a plethora of jobs may be available to you through a labour hire agency.

2) Directly Through The Company's/Project's Website

For certain projects, sometimes job vacancies are posted directly on their official websites. For example, the Sydney Metro project lists some of the jobs that they are hiring for on a dedicated jobs page. Applying directly, instead of through a third party site, such as SEEK, may be beneficial since applications that come through their own sites are likely to be considered first for the roles. So if you're looking to be hired to work on an infrastructure, residential or construction project, try the company/project website first and see whether or not they have a page dedicated to the available job vacancies.

3) Networking

Another way to find a job is to utilise your network. Networking can be an extremely useful tool to use when you're looking for a job. This is because with networking, sometimes you're privy to job vacancies that are yet to be advertised, which may put you at an advantage since there will be less competition and you'll be considered first. Another benefit of sourcing a job through your network, is that you may even receive a recommendation from your connection. Recommendations can be powerful persuaders when it comes to hiring an employee, as it helps to verify your credibility for the role and gives you an edge over other candidates. However, it is important to note that this only works if your connection works for or is associated with the company in question, and is considered to be trustworthy and reliable.

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