With a brand new year, it's the perfect time to start looking for new and exciting job opportunities! Labouring jobs, particularly temp labouring jobs, are a great way to earn a little extra money, gain valuable experience and hone your skills, all within your busy schedule. However, sometimes it can be difficult to stand out amongst all the other candidates and get your foot in the door. In this blog post, we have compiled a short list of our top tips to help you get noticed and land that job!
1) Do Your Research

When you're applying for a particular labourer position, it is important that you display how the skill sets you possess are best suited to the role that is being offered, as well as how you would prove to be an asset to the company as a whole. For example, if you're going after a forklift driver position, aside from all the formal requirements, such as a forklift licence, White Card and PPE, it is important that you include terms in your application that were used in the job description, as well as from the company's mission statement, values, etc. This will help to align you with the role, as well as the company's image. Doing your research helps to make sure that you are targeting a position that is right for you so that your application is relevant to the employer and doesn't just get lost in the pile.

2) Highlight What Your Unique Contribution Would Be

Another way to rise to the top is to showcase the unique skills and attributes you possess that other candidates may not display. This may be additional qualifications, such as first aid training, relevant experience in the industry, apprenticeships, TAFE certificates and so on. The key is to display the qualifications, skills and attributes that are less common, but still relevant and will complement the labour role you are applying for.  Also, according to Entrpreneur.com employers are also placing greater value on soft skills. 77% of employers that participated in a CareerBuilder survey stated that they wanted and were drawn towards potential employees who possessed a range of soft skills, such as, problem solving skills, initiative, ability to work in a team, and so on.

3) Use a Labour Hire Agency

To effectively cut through the crowd and gain a position as a labourer, you can also use the services of a labour hire/recruitment agency. These companies can help connect you directly with a job that is best suited to your skills and qualifications. Using a labour hire/recruitment agency also has the added advantage of adding credibility to your application, as these agencies know what the employers are looking for, and aim to ensure that the candidate that they are putting forth will fulfill the needs of the position.
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