Company culture is an often over-looked element of business. However, it is important and it influences the kind of behaviour that is exhibited and/or deemed acceptable.
Company culture isn't just a 'fluffy' term. The type of company culture that exists in your business can have a very real and significant impact on how efficient and effective your employees are. For example, a negative company culture can demotivate people from achieving their full potential. Whilst, a positive company culture can help employees feel valued, respected and encourage them to be more productive.
Here are a few tips to help you build a positive company culture, so that you can get the most out of your employees.

1 - Encourage Open Communication
Open communication is vital as it helps you and your workers stay on the same page, and work cohesively as a team. With open communication, everyone will know exactly what's going on at all times and enable problems to be promptly resolved. Also, when employees feel like their voices are being heard, they will be more engaged, feel a greater sense of commitment, and will generate mutual respect.

2 - Be The Change You Want To See
If you want to create a positive company culture, it must start with management leading by example. As a leader, the team will look to you for guidance and will subconsciously emulate the standard of behaviour that you have set. So, make sure that you are able to walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

3 - Recruit Carefully
If you wish to foster a positive work environment, it is important that you hire employees that align with the company's values. Hiring like-minded employees will help to strengthen a positive company culture and spread it throughout the business. Essentially, they will be your cultural ambassadors.

4 - Acknowledge Good Work
Feedback shouldn't always be criticisms. It is also important that you acknowledge and celebrate when a job has been done well. Not only will it boost the morale of the employee that did the good work, but it will also highlight to other workers that you notice what they're doing, and they are indeed valuable to the company.
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