Resumes are one of the most crucial elements when it comes to securing a job. Your resume provides the employer with a snapshot of your professional life, as well as your relevant skills, attributes, experiences, education and achievements. This will be a significant factor in determining whether or not you will be a good fit for the position, and prove to be an asset to the company. That is why it is of the utmost importance that your resume presents you in the best light, is able to showcase your appropriateness for the role, and what you can offer that is unique from other candidates. Here are a few handy tips we have compiled to help you write an awesome resume.

1 - Make Sure You Only Include Relevant Information
Resumes should be a concise introduction of you as a worker, not a novel about everything you've ever done and every skill that you've ever learned. It is important that you make sure that the information you include is tailored to the specific role and company that you are applying for, as it shows a greater level comprehension of the position and addresses the recruiter's questions, which is why you should make the cut. Employers typically only spend a few seconds skimming the resumes of potential candidates, and if yours takes too long to get through it may be put to the side in favour of a resume that is able to get to the point quicker. It is recommended that a resume should be a maximum of two pages.

2 - Keep The Formatting Clean And Easy To Read
It is encouraged that you showcase a little individuality through the format style of your resume. However, it is important to keep in mind that the formatting should still be clean and simple so that you can get your information across easily. A messy or convoluted layout can be distracting and overwhelming. You should also include distinct subheadings, such as 'Education', 'Experience/Qualification', 'References' 'Achievements', etc. This will allow the recruiter to easily navigate your resume and quickly pick out the information they require.

3 - Include References
Don't forget to include references! References are incredibly important, as they will help to reinforce the information you have included in your resume, and further sell you as a great employee to the recruiter. References add credibility to your resume and should be listed at the bottom. However, you should first ask your references if they consent to having their contact details immediately available, or wish to have it available upon request. It is also recommended that you notify your references of the position and the company that you are applying for, in order to avoid the recruiter catching them off-guard.

4 - Check For Spelling & Grammatical Errors
Make sure you go through your resume with a fine tooth comb and weed out any spelling or grammatical errors you come across. Then, get someone else to proofread for you just in case you may have missed anything. Grammar and spelling errors in a resume are a big no-no and will give off an unprofessional first impression.

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