Once you get your team together, the next step is effectively managing that team and ensuring that they are effectively working towards accomplishing tasks, and overall business goals. A cohesive and unified team is a key factor in the successful operation of a business. To cultivate a star team, it starts with star management. Management must be able to lead, motivate and organise workers to reach their maximum potential.
Here are a few of our top tips on how to lead and build a strong team.

1 - Be A Good Role Model
In order to make sure that your team works like a well-oiled machine, it is important that leaders set a good example for workers. As a manager, how you behave, and the quality of the work you complete sets the tone for the team and the standard that you expect from your workers. Setting a good example will help you to gain the respect of your team and inspire them to emulate your work ethic.

2 - Have Open Channels of Communication
Having open two-way communications with your workers is a key element to creating a positive work environment and an effective team. When the team is kept in the loop and empowered with relevant information from management, they are better able to complete tasks promptly and to a higher standard. Creating an environment that allows for open communication also allows leaders to troubleshoot any potential problems that may arise, as workers are usually the first to detect any symptoms of an issue.

3 - Have A  Good Understand of What Each Worker Can Offer
It is important that you get to know your workers individually, and have a good understanding of their unique strengths and talents. This knowledge will allow you to effectively delegate tasks to the most suitable workers, and create a team that builds on each other's strengths. When management takes the time to learn about individual team members, it can significantly increase productivity and efficiency as workers are more engaged in roles that are tailored to their capabilities.

4 - Acknowledge A Job Well Done
It may sound simple, but acknowledging good work that employees are doing is a great way to keep morale up, boost productivity and inspire other workers to strive to do better. Acknowledgment from leadership also helps to make workers feel valued and that the work they are doing is important to the company.

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