You've been in the same position for a while now. However, your workload and scope of responsibilities have increased. You're also doing a pretty excellent job at it (if you don't say so yourself). It may be time for you to bite the bullet and ask for that promotion.
It can be extremely nerve-wracking to look into your manager's eyes and ask for a new title and maybe even some extra coin to go with it. However, in order to progress this is a very necessary step you must take. After all, opportunities won't just fall into your lap, you'll have to go get it.
Are you ready to move up the ladder and take your career to the next step? Well, we've compiled a short list of handy tips to help you get that sweet, sweet promotion.

1 - Be Confident
The key to convincing your boss that you deserve a promotion is first convincing yourself of that fact. You need to be sure in your own abilities and your compatibility for the shiny new role. If you don't present yourself confidently, how can you expect your boss to be confident in you? So, raise your head high and put your best foot forward.

2 - Be Prepared & Know Your Value
Following on from being confident, you should be able to clearly articulate the attributes and skills that you possess that will make you the best fit for the role and deserving of the promotion. It is also vital that you are able to provide examples of specific instances where these skills and attributes have shined, and you've proved yourself to be an asset to the company. Having hard evidence to back up your claims will help to solidify in your boss' mind that you are a valuable employee and that you will continue to deliver excellent results.

3 - Organise A Meeting & Ask Your Boss Directly
Take the initiative to plan a meeting with your boss to discuss your promotion. It may seem easier to mention it during an already scheduled meeting, but don't fall for the convenience. This can give the appearance of laziness and/or that you have a flippant attitude towards the prospect of receiving a promotion. Being proactive and making the effort to schedule a time with your manager, shows your drive and that you respect your manager's time. This will cast you in a more favourable light when you decide to take the plunge and go for it.

4 - Don't Compare Yourself To Other Employees
Comparing your work to the work of others may seem like the easiest way to display how great you are as an employee, however, this is not the case. This may make you seem petty or over-reliant on others to succeed. It is better to rise through the rankings on your own merit and accomplishments, rather than hanging off other people's coattails, or worse, bringing others down.

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