It's no secret that finding a job can be difficult. The application process is rife with competition and it can be a challenge to not get lost in the crowd. In order to clinch the role that you are applying for, it is important that you are able to position yourself as a unique asset that will add value to the position and the overall company.
Here a few of our top tips on how to put your best foot forward and help your application stand out from all the others.

1 - Research, Research, Research!
Research is key. Doing your research on the role, company, and employer will highlight your preparedness, initiative and drive as a candidate for the position. Also, researching lesser known facts about the role and the company (eg. projects the company has undertaken, accomplishments of the employer, the projected trajectory of the company, etc.)  will further emphasise your earnest interest. Keep in mind that your research and the information you include should be relevant, in order to keep it concise and avoid appearing like you're just stating random facts.

2 - Present A Professional Resume and Cover Letter
Your resume and cover letter are crucial. They often craft the first impression an employer has of you, as it provides a snapshot of you as a worker and your working life up until that point. Your resume should include your education, skills, attributes and experiences that are relevant to the job. While, your cover letter should be addressed to the specific employer, introduce you to that employer, and outline why you're the ideal candidate.Both documents should be neat, consistent in formatting and free from spelling and grammatical errors.

Watch the video below for more information about what employers are looking for in a resume and cover letter:

_Youtube - Harvard Extension School_

3 - How Is Your Experience Relevant?
It is important to include your experience, however, most candidates miss the mark by merely listing or briefly describing their previous roles. To stand out, you should be specific and state what you have achieved during your past experiences and the positive impact it has had on the company or organisation. Also, include numbers to quantify these achievements to make them more concrete. For example, the number of people you have trained, the dollar value of the revenue you've brought in, etc.

4 - What Makes You Unique? What Can You Do Differently?
Place emphasis on what unique skills you could bring to the role and how you can benefit the company. Employers are interested in recruiting people that will add to the overall business and company culture, so make sure you let your individuality shine and be confident in your abilities.

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