Labour hire is fast becoming a popular method of recruitment amongst industries, such as hospitality, construction, warehousing, events, and so on. Employment has seen a shift away from more traditional forms of employment, such as long-term contracts, and a move towards more dynamic and flexible styles of employment, such as casual and temp work.
The question now is, when and why should your business employ the services of a labour hire agency?
Here are a few of our top reasons why using a labour hire agency might be right for you.

1 - Reduced Workforce and Unexpected Absences

If you've ever found yourself down a few workers, due to unexpected absences, leave, injury, etc., you will know that the work can quickly start to get out of hand. During these desperate times, going through the entire recruitment process can be very slow and impractical. Labour hire agencies, especially those that specialize in last-minute recruitment, can provide you with workers to supplement the staff you have on-hand, and allow you to stay on top of things.

2 - Increased Demand
Throughout the year, businesses often experience fluctuations in demand that can catch you and your employees off-guard. Periods of peak demand can be challenging, as you may not have the right amount of staff to keep up with the pressure of an increased workload. Labour hire agencies have the necessary expertise to help ensure you have the right reinforcements. Also, the best thing about labour hire agencies is that once the peak period is over, there is no obligation to keep the workers on staff. Thus, making it a cost-effective way to hire, that allows your business to stay fluid and adaptable.

3 - Require Specific Skills
Another reason to hire a labour hire agency is when you require a worker (or workers) that possesses specific skill sets. Labour hire agencies have access to an extensive database of workers, where they can quickly and easily connect you with a worker that matches your requirements. This effectively cuts out the hassle of finding an ideal candidate, as a labour hire agency can help you find and connect with a high-quality worker that will be able to successfully carry out the required tasks.

4 - Streamline Business Operations by Outsourcing Recruitment
Employing the services of a labour hire agency can be very beneficial for businesses that wish to streamline their operations. By using a labour hire agency you effectively outsource your recruitment process, which can often be very costly and time-consuming. Outsourcing this responsibility to a labour hire agency, allows you to re-direct valuable resources to more significant business functions and operations.

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