Labourer jobs involve high levels of manual effort that require a lot of physical fitness, strength and stamina, with the work often taking place outdoors. Examples of positions available for labourers include, bricklayers, construction site workers, scaffolders, landscapers and demolition workers. Since labourers undergo such physically demanding work, that has the potential to be dangerous, there are a number of formal requirements that need to be met in order to successfully secure labourer jobs.
Here is are some of the things you will need to work as a labourer.

White Card

A 'White Card' (previously known as a 'Blue Card') acts as evidence that you have completed an OH&S General Construction Induction training course. The course covers information about basic construction work, applicable work health and safety (WHS) laws, and common workplace hazards and how they can be managed. This is a mandatory course under the Australian National Health and Safety Laws, and must be completed by all labourers before they can commence working on a site. It is a nationally recognised certificate, so once you complete the training and receive your 'White Card' you can work as a labourer anywhere across Australia.

It is also important to note that 'White Cards' do not expire, however they do become invalid if you have not worked in construction for two consecutive years.

To find out more information about 'White Cards', including how to get it and where to get it, visit the Safework NSW website.

Personal Protective Equipment (also known as PPE)

Since labouring is a very manually intensive job, it is compulsory that labourers wear personal protective equipment, also known as PPE. This incudes items such as, high visibility vests, hard hats, steel-capped boots, face maskes, ear plugs, gloves and so on.
This equipment is required as it helps to minimise any risks to your health and keep you safe while on the work site.

It is also recommended that you ask your employer what PPE will be provided and what won't be, so that you can come prepared and won't be missing any vital pieces of equipment.

**Other Skills & Training **
Depending on what labourer job you're going for, you may also be required to have specific skills or experience to secure the position. For example, if you wanted to work as a bricklayer, it would be highly desirable for you to have knowledge on things such as, mixing cement, the proper method of laying bricks, etc.  Make sure you do your research and check with the employer for any additional training you may require for the labourer position.

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