Science has done it again! Thanks to the rapid advancements in solar technology, solar manufacturing costs are increasingly affordable. This means that establishing large-scale solar farms is becoming more financially viable and much easier to build. These conditions are just right for increased investment, with a boom in large-scale solar projects expected in the coming years.

According to Ivor Frischknecht, head of the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, solar power is predicted to be as  'cost competitive with wind' in the early 2020's. However, solar has already achieved parity with wind energy. Seven large-scale solar projects in Australia were completed last year, with many more projects in the pipeline for this year.

Solar, as well as other sources of renewable energy, are a growing industry and likely to be increasingly used in the future, as fossil fuels start to dwindle and alternative sources of energy start to be seriously considered. This emerging industry and the construction required for it to exist and operate is predicted to be a significant source of employment opportunities for locals, and pave the way for a more sustainable future.

However, it is important to note that rooftop solar panels on homes and businesses are currently more significant contributors than large-scale solar farms. At the moment, rooftop solar panels account for 2.8% of  Australia's total energy mix, while large-scale solar farms only comprise 0.25%.
This is expected to change in the near future as large-scale solar is growing at a faster rate, becoming more cost-effective and an increasingly attractive investment.

Solar power is not a fad that will fade away. The energy that is generated on large-scale solar farms will not only be beneficial for the future energy needs of Australia, but also presents significant business and employment opportunities. The large-scale solar power boom that Australia is expected to experience, makes it an exciting time to get involved and be part of the renewable energy movement.

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