Are you considering signing up to a labour hire agency or have recently signed up with one? Are you wondering whether it will be worth it and actually help you find a job?
Well great news, Labour hire is a great avenue if you're looking for work, especially flexible job opportunities that can easily fit into your schedule. Labour hire agencies often have a wide variety of jobs in a range of industries, so they can help connect you with a job that matches your specific skill set, qualifications and experiences.
However, like most things in life, finding work through labour hire is most effective when you are proactive and also put some effort into it. In a highly competitive job market, it may not always be enough to just sign up and wait for work to fall into your lap. To get the most out of your relationship with a labour hire company, you need to play an active part in making the process as smooth as possible, and highlighting yourself as an asset.

Here are some of Workfast Labour Hire's top tips to maximise your labour hire application and improve your chances of landing a job.

1) Update & Polish Your Resume
Your resume is a snapshot of you as a worker. Resumes provide a concise summary of your education, skills, qualifications, and experiences, and forms the basis on which a potential employer decides to hire you. For this reason, it is imperative that your resume provides a current and accurate representation of your career so far, is well-formatted, and free from mistakes. This will allow you to put your best foot forward, and may even give you an edge over other candidates.

2) Call In & Check
One of the best ways to get noticed and help improve your chances of landing a job is to make yourself known. Labour hire agencies often deal with hundreds, or even thousands, of workers, so it can be difficult for them to get to know every individual. To cut through the crowd, you could call in, introduce yourself to a relevant employee in the labour hire agency, and let them know what kind of work you're interested in. This will show that you are highly motivated and driven. It will also help your chances of being hired, as you will be top of mind the next time they have a position that's suitable for you.

3) Provide Good References
One of the most important factors in your labour hire application are the references that you provide. Your references can make or break your application, so it is important that they boost your application and reaffirm that you're right for the role. Make sure your references are fairly recent and relevant, you have a positive relationship with them, and you have notified them prior to the application that you have used them as a reference.

4) Be Punctual & Reliable
If you get called in for an interview, be on time. First impressions matter and if you can't be punctual in this early stage, then it will be hard for the labour hire agency to trust that they can rely on you to do the job. Also, if you do land a job with a labour hire agency, do your best. Labour hire agencies often rely heavily on client feedback, so if you receive glowing reviews while working for them, it will be more likely that you will be chosen for other relevant jobs.

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