When someone says 'Millennial', what words come to mind? Lazy? Entitled? Narcissistic?
'Millennial' has become a dirty term wielded by older generations to cast an often unfair and negative light on this sector of the workforce. However, Millennials are largely misunderstood and used as an easy scapegoat for major shifts in the workplace and in society. The reality of the situation is that Millennials are receiving backlash for merely trying to adapt to and improve the world they have inherited.
Today, a majority of the workforce is comprised of Millennials, with a lot of its older members beginning to enter more senior leadership roles.
It would be a grievous error to dismiss such a significant portion of the workforce, that holds so much potential.
Millennials are confident, driven, open to diversity and collaboration, technologically savvy, experts at multi-tasking, and well-connected.
Here are some of the most prominent defining characteristics of Millennials and how they are impacting the workplace:

1 - Millennials Know What They Want
Millennials know their worth and aren't afraid to go after what they think they deserve. Millennials don't settle, instead they strive for bigger and better and often expect instant results and gratification when a task/project is completed. This means that they crave constant and regular feedback regarding the work that they are doing, so they are able to troubleshoot as they go. Companies are shifting away from formal and infrequent performance reviews, to more frequent casual conversations regarding employee progress.
Millennials also want to know that there is potential for career progression. One of the most important things to remember about millennials, is that even though they tend to have higher rates of job turnover, they will exhibit loyalty if they are with a company that provides them with a path for career growth and continual learning opportunities. Millennials don't want to feel as though they are stuck doing the same mundane things, day in and day out. If their role is not providing them with the challenges that they seek, then they will quickly move on and find a place that can. The advertisement of in-house programs related to mentoring, training and skills development are now becoming more commonplace, especially when companies are looking to recruit.

2 - Millennials Are Always Connected
The ubiquity of mobile technology and their status as a 'digital native' has meant that the average Millennial is never truly switched off. Millennials are constantly connected, so when 5pm hits, work doesn't automatically stop. The portability and internet capabilities of mobile phones and laptops has meant that work often bleeds into the personal time of workers. However, in a highly competitive world, Millennials recognise that this is a necessary part of keeping up and staying ahead. Millennials tend to be open to working during unconventional hours, and have the ability to leverage their tech-savviness to gain competitive advantage. This has led to the development and integration of programs like Slack and Google Drive, which enables employees to work beyond their desk.

3 - Millennials Want Flexibility
Millennials are constantly striving to achieve a good work-life balance. Millennials believe that value should be measured by the output of workers, rather than their face time in an office. This mindset, coupled with their tech savviness means, means that Millennials often prefer to work remotely, or have more flexible work hours. Millennials want to enjoy a robust lifestyle alongside their career, and are more likely to favour a workplace or work option that provides the flexibility required to achieve this. It is becoming increasingly apparent that flexibility is the key to retaining a Millennial workforce, so more and more companies are granting their employees the freedom to develop their own schedule.

Millennials' desire for flexibility has contributed to the rise of the gig economy and on demand labour hire jobs. With on demand, freelance and labour hire work, the job opportunities tend to be temporary or casual in nature, so workers can choose when they work and how often they work. Labour hire also empowers workers with the ability to choose who they work with, allowing them to gain broad and varied experience at the same time. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, labour hire has become such a popular form of work amongst Millennials, that more than 55% of those that are signed up to a labour hire agency fall within the Millennial classification.
Now, instead of making life fit around work, labour hire and on demand work allows Millennials to strike a greater balance between their social and professional lives.

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