More People, More Rail
Currently, the population of New South Wales sits at approximately 7.6 million. This number is only set to expand, due to natural increase (births minus deaths) and the increasing levels of immigration, which is contributing significantly to the size of the population. According to the Department of Planning and Environment, the population of NSW is expected to expand to roughly 9.9 million by 2036. One element of society that will be most impacted by this growth, is public transport. NSW's rail system in particular, is the public transport method of choice in the state. Presently, over 1 million journeys are made every weekday with the bulk of journeys comprised of work commutes to major business hubs, like Sydney city and Parramatta. According to the NSW Bureau of Transport Statistics' Journey To Work Explorer, 41% of people who work in Sydney city and its inner suburbs, opt for the train.
With jobs also expected to swell by 31 per cent in the CBD, there will be increased traffic to and from the city, adding pressure to peak hour routes and potentially extending the hours that experience heightened demand.

The impending population swell will significantly increase the strain on NSW's rail systems, so action must be taken today to ensure that our rail infrastructure will be sufficient to cater to future needs.

Light Rail
As of late, NSW's light rail system has grown exponentially, with the Inner West Light Rail Extension, and CBD and South East Light Rail lines currently under construction. Combined, these lines will add almost 15km of additional rail to the existing light rail system, as well as 28 new stations. The construction of these light rail projects will help to better distribute commuters and reduce the congestion that is hampering the movement of Sydney-siders. Rail labour hire agencies have already been employed by Sydney Light Rail to provide qualified labour hire workers.

The expansion of the light rail system will help to supplement the existing rail system in New South Wales and assist in easing the pressure in these high-traffic areas. This will come as welcome relief once the population starts to grow and the strain becomes increasingly apparent.

Heavy Rail - Sydney Trains & Sydney Metro
The largest form of public transport is heavy rail. The term heavy rail has been used to describe this form of public transport, as it is designed to transport greater quantities of people.
The main provider of Sydney's heavy rail system is currently Sydney Trains. Sydney Train services cover the city, as well as surrounding areas, such as the Inner West, Western Sydney, North Shore, Southwest, etc.
It is becoming increasingly clear that the Sydney Trains system, as is, will be unable to handle the demand generated from an increase in population. Sydney Trains is already struggling to service travellers, with trains frequently experiencing overcrowding on peak services, as well as train cancellations and delays. In order to solve this problem, Sydney Trains has committed to providing extra services across all lines, adding new trains that will require less frequent repairs, and upgrading the rail infrastructure to allow for more efficient operations.

Even though the Sydney Trains system is quite extensive, there are some gaps in terms of the areas that are covered. In addition to Sydney Trains, Sydney Metro will also soon provide transport services to NSW commuters, especially in underserved areas. At the moment, Sydney Metro is in the process of building its Northwest, and City & Southwest lines.
These areas have been identified as key locations that require greater access to, or frequency of, public transport. In particular, the Northwest has been a much neglected area for public transport with only buses servicing communities in the Hills. With the Hills set to become a growing hub in Sydney and more people expected to make the move there, the Sydney Metro Northwest will help meet this increased demand. Sydney's CBD and the Southwest will also benefit greatly from the Sydney Metro lines, as it will relieve some of the pressure on the existing rail network and prevent these areas from coming to a stand still. Labour hire has been used extensively in the construction and successful delivery of these heavy rail projects.

Potential Projects For The Future
Australia's growing population is not a theory, but an inevitable reality. In NSW, there are specific areas that are expected to be hot zones for population growth. The top five fastest growing areas in New South Wales are Riverstone to Marsden Park, Cobbitty to Leppington, Waterloo to Beaconsfield, Homebush Bay to Silverwater, and Rouse Hill to Beaumont Hills.
These areas may be the centres for the development of new public transport infrastructure and services, as their populations are expected to climb at a rapid rate, and they are expected to become hubs for commerce, education and leisure. Building public transport infrastructure in these areas will facilitate their growth and ensure that these communities can be catered to in the future.

The increase in rail labour hire projects around NSW, including potential rail labour hire projects, means that there are and will be a steady stream of rail jobs available in the foreseeable future. So, not only will the advent of more rail lines and services enable easier transit for commuters in NSW, but the jobs that will be generated will help to boost the state economy and provide labour hire work opportunities for locals.

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