It's that time of year again... office Christmas party time! It's one of the few times in the year that everyone in the office can collectively let their hair down and temporarily forget about that mound of paperwork that never seems to get any smaller. In order for this to effectively take place and enable office Christmas parties to be a stress-free event, organisation is the key.  For tips on organising an awesome Christmas party, have a look at one of our previous blog posts where we provide some handy advice on how to ensure that your office Christmas party runs smoothly and everyone has a great time.

However, once you've got most of the important details sorted and you are ready to throw the party of the year, staffing the event might be something you will have to consider. Hiring temp workers for office Christmas parties and functions is a great way to ease the burden associated with the execution as it adds a few extra helping hands to deal with various elements of the party. You can hire temp staff for a range of roles, such as food servers, greeters, caterers, ushers, bar attendants and so on. Outsourcing these roles will allow for a more seamless execution of the office Christmas party, and allow you to relax and focus on enjoying the festivities with your fellow co-workers.

So, where can you hire these temp workers? Here is a short list of some of the avenues that you can explore to find them:


Workfast is an OnDemand platform that connects jobs with job seekers, quickly and effectively. This recruitment platform specialises in last-minute temp roles for an hour, a day or month. Workfast has an extensive database of workers who possess a range of skills, so you're bound to find someone to fill the position.

SMART Staff Hire

SMART Staff Hire supplies workers for industry, corporate and private events. Similarly to Workfast, SMART Staff Hire is able to provide last minute staff when you need it.