The telephone is a vital touchpoint through which customers interact with businesses. The conversations that take place here often hold significant weight in shaping the overall impression that a customer has of the company. For this reason, a key role within office work involves manning the telephone, and providing a professional and personalised service that will create favourable perceptions. Here are some tips on appropriate phone etiquette for office work:

1) Have a  Professional & Consistent Introduction and Conclusion

When answering phones you should develop a consistent and appropriate way to start and conclude a phone call. This helps to set the tone of the phone conversation and portray a professional image of the company. This also creates the impression of stability and dependability, which is a vital element for the cultivation of good customer rapport.

2) Speak Clearly & Use a Suitable Tone

Good voice projection and the adoption of an appropriate tone throughout the conversation is a must when engaging with customers and fellow professionals over the phone. This is because it helps to minimise any potential misunderstandings, enables messages to be clearly conveyed and creates a comfortable environment for the caller. The tone used should be calm, confident, cheerful and inviting.

3) Identify Yourself & Address The Caller

A key to establishing a connection with the caller is to ensure you identify yourself to them and address the caller using appropriate titles. This makes the caller feel more valued and creates the impression that they are receiving a specialised service that caters directly to their needs. Also, by identifying yourself during the conversation, it enables a relationship to be developed and reassures the caller that they are talking to and connecting with an actual person.

**4) Listen Carefully **

This may seem like a no-brainer, however, this is an especially crucial element of phone etiquette. It is vital that the caller has your undivided attention, so that all information is accurately relayed and received. Nothing frustrates callers more than the feeling that what they have to say is unimportant to the person on the other end, so it is best to avoid this. Also, by listening to the caller carefully, it will help to emphasise the image of professionalism and genuine engagement.

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