On Demand technology, as the name suggests, refers to the technology that enables the provision of services, goods, and resources, as the need arises. On Demand technology is built on two key factors, convenience and the cognitive ease at which the service can be delivered. Time is a precious commodity for most, so the maximisation of it through an efficient, simple and timely service, is increasingly becoming a strong selling point for most consumers. Attention spans are also increasingly becoming shorter, and the expected time between the request and the attainment of the good, service, or resource, is decreasing. The ubiquity of mobile and internet technology, and the permanent connectivity that it has provided, has led to the development of a culture fixated on the creation of instant gratification. Success now hinges on the ability to satisfy consumer needs almost immediately after they arise.
The exponential success of On Demand technology has been enabled by its alignment with the consumer's growing appetite for convenience, speed, and ease of use.

On Demand technology is on the rise and is increasingly being adopted into various business models to serve the needs of the market. The harnessing of the internet, mobile technology, and apps, have allowed businesses to stay agile in the face of an ever-changing industry environment. This is because On Demand technology eliminates the need for a middleman, and facilitates the seamless and direct connection between the service provider and the service seeker. The flatter structure enabled by On Demand technology, allows businesses to be more responsive to change, and speedier in their fulfilment of consumer needs.

The archetype for On Demand technology disrupting a stagnant market is Uber. Uber, the popular ride-sharing app, revolutionised the transportation industry by allowing people to hail a ride with a tap of a button wherever they are, and often for a cheaper price than a traditional taxi. The app itself was also designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible, in order to ensure that requests and transactions were able to be initiated and successfully completed on the one platform. Uber's streamlined and reliable transportation services was unlike anything that already existed, enabling it to quickly rise among the ranks and become a runaway success.

With high levels of saturation in various Australian markets, creating a point of difference is crucial. Thanks to On Demand technology, customisation can now be achieved at scale for a relatively affordable price. This has enabled businesses, especially start-ups, to carve out their own niche in the market, and compete with more established, legacy businesses. The ability for consumers to customise the product or service that they are purchasing, is increasingly becoming a significant influencing factor during their decision-making process, as it generates a greater sense of attachment to the good and/or service in question.

Prior to the proliferation of mobile and internet technology, customisation was a costly exercise that required additional time and processes to produce. Now with On Demand technology, consumers can directly make their customised request for a good/service and have it fulfilled just as easily. Consumers can express what they want, when they want it, at any time of the day or night. Consumers no longer have to settle for a product or service that is close enough to what they wanted. Since, customised offerings are often perceived to be of greater value, consumers are willing to spend a little more. With On Demand technology mass customisation is a tangible reality, that can be produced at an affordable price, and inspire greater customer loyalty and engagement.

On Demand Technology In Labour Hire & Recruitment

Another industry that On Demand technology is making a splash in, is employment and recruitment solutions. More and more businesses within the realm of labour hire and recruitment, are utilising On Demand technology to optimise hiring processes and the management of employees. On Demand technology has facilitated the more rapid sourcing of workers, and enabled greater streamlining and automation of processes surrounding employing a worker. On Demand technology has also allowed both worker and workplace to achieve greater flexibility. Workers are empowered, since they can work according to their own schedule and have the opportunity to earn additional streams of income. Whilst, On Demand technology enables workplaces to scale their up or down, in accordance with market demand and conditions.

The combination of On Demand technology with labour hire and recruitment agencies, is a match that just makes sense. On Demand technology and its ability to instantaneously connect with and deploy On Demand workers has revolutionised employment. The hiring process which was once a costly and time-consuming procedure, is now much more agile and has allowed businesses to hire short-term workers as they are required. On Demand technology has provided the foundation for many start-ups to successfully establish themselves in the labour hire and recruitment industries.

One prominent example of an employment start-up based on On Demand technology is Airtasker. Airtasker is an online mobile marketplace where tasks that require completion are posted, then those who are able to do the job bid to complete it. The person or business that has posted the job then chooses the Airtasker Worker that they believe would be the best for the role. The job poster comes to this decision by reviewing the profile of the Airtasker Worker and the reviews that have been left by employers of previous jobs/tasks that they have completed. Payment for the completed job is also done through the app. Payment is held in trust, so that the money is only released and processed when it has been completed. This helps to ensure the quality and reliable delivery of the contracted service, and assure the Airtasker Worker that they will receive payment for their services. Airtasker has harnessed the On Demand capabilities of mobile and internet platforms, to quickly and easily connect workers with work.

Large companies have also started partnering with smaller On Demand labour hire businesses, to absorb their expertise and learn how to effectively utilise On Demand technology in the labour hire and recruitment industries. These partnerships are also very beneficial for the tech start-ups involved, as they too are able to benefit from the resources of the larger company, and learn from the wisdom they have accumulated, in order to become a major player in the market. Tech start-ups also benefit from a partnership with larger corporations, as it helps to boost their credibility and inspire greater trust from potential clients.
Australia Post and Workfast are currently collaborating to provide labour hire solutions for businesses across Australia. As Australia Post continues to evolve, it has decided to expand its portfolio by adding labour hire to the services it provides. Australia Post leverages its well-established brand name to promote these labour hire services, and Workfast sources and provides the workplace with quality, pre-vetted workers quickly and easily. Furthermore, the labour hire service provided by Australia Post and Workfast, includes all the admin associated with hiring an On Demand worker, so that businesses can focus their time and resources on other areas.
The Australia Post and Workfast labour hire collaboration provide On Demand temporary workers for a wide range of industries, such as warehousing, construction, mining, and retail.
The collaboration between Australia Post and Workfast has opened doors for both companies involved. Australia Post is able to tap into Workfast's extensive worker database and specialised labour hire knowledge in various industries, and Workfast is able to gain exposure on a wider scale.

On Demand technology has effectively cut out the traditional middleman and enabled consumer needs to be fulfilled almost immediately after they arise. On Demand platforms are only expected to increase in prominence in various industries, as convenience, speed and ease of-use continue to be key factors in consumer decision-making.

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