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  • Workfast – News.com.au

    Workfast – News.com.au Article Tradies hoping to explore the Northern Territory on a working holiday are best placed as refrigeration technicians, plumbers or labourers. If Queensland is more their style, bricklayers, labourers and shopfitters are in luck… Read more June 2, 2017 /
  • Workfast – Mining Australia

    Mining Labour Hire   Workfast has extended an Uber-like, on-demand recruitment platform it launched last year to the Australian mining industry. The technology, which has already found success in Australia’s construction industry, will provide mining companies with access to labour hire workers at variable rates of pay, a first for the industry, according to the Sydney-based start-up. February 9, 2017 /
  • Workfast – The Daily Telegraph

    Workfast – The Daily Telegraph Article EMPLOYERS are bracing for a financial hit of more than $50 million this Friday with nearly 380,000 workers expected to chuck post-Australia Day sickies. To read more click here. February 7, 2017 /
  • Workfast – Inside Construction

    Workfast – Inside Construction Article   Workfast says it wants to disrupt the $19 billion temp industry by using on-demand technology to cut out the middleman, i.e. the traditional temp agency. The process is as effortless as hiring an Uber, says Workfast, and while employers benefit from not having to pay “big fees”, it’s also a plus for temp workers as employees get paid daily, control where and when they work, and who they work for, all while earning competitive rates of pay. Read more…   December 16, 2016 / Press
  • Workfast – Australian Anthill

    Workfast – Australian Anthill Article A new temp agency that has officially launched across Australia is promising to save employers up to 30% on temp costs and speed up the hiring process, while at the same time giving workers better pay conditions and greater flexibility. To do this, Workfast will use on-demand technology to disrupt the $19 billion temp industry by cutting out the middleman – the traditional temp agency. Read more… December 16, 2016 / Press
  • Workfast – Startup Daily

    Workfast – Startup Daily Article Food and grocery delivery aside, it may be fair to say that there is no market the Australian startup sector is dedicating more time and resources to than recruitment. From OneShift to Workible, TalentVine to Gooroo, there seems to be a specific platform dedicated to solving each and every problem one could think of in the recruitment process. The latest to launch is Workfast, founded by Tim Nieuwenhuis. Based in Sydney, Workfast is an online temp agency looking to apply the on-demand model to work, connecting employers to qualified temps at short notice. Read more… December 16, 2016 / Press
  • Workfast – The Australian

    Workfast – The Australian Article

    A new on-demand temp agency says its technology slashes costs by 30 per cent and gives workers better conditions.

    Workfast, which launches nation­wide this week, uses on-­demand technology to connect workers with workplaces and vice-versa, filling the temporary staffing needs of workplaces that often struggle to find good staff quickly. Read more… 

    December 16, 2016 / Press