When companies promote themselves, branding and marketing campaigns are used to generate excitement and engagement from potential customers. There are many ways to captivate your audience and create a connection to your brand. Using promo staff for marketing is just one way of doing this.

Marketing can take on many forms, some of which may include contests, promotions, trade shows or exhibits. All of these forms are great for getting your business noticed, however, you will also need a solid team to help activate these messages precisely.
Having that positive face-to-face interaction with customers requires team members that help can help create brand awareness. This is where promotional staff can assist.

Promo staff work in all industries and can be made up of hosts, ambassadors, models just to name a few. They will usually have experience in the field of promo work and be comfortable in utilising strategies that assist in creating a positive brand experience to strengthen the brand. Not all promo workers need to be outgoing and energetic. This is dependant on how you  see your brand and how you want potential customers to see your brand.

Some of the benefits in hiring promotional staff include:

1. Enhancing your customer experience

There are many customer touch points, both internal and external. To create a positive customer experience it is important to remember that first impressions last and that the first contact with a customer may be one that sticks with them. Promo staff may be used to introduce a customer to a product, making sure that the greeting is as friendly and welcoming as possible. This has been proven to increase customer satisfaction.

2. Increased sales

When companies use promo staff or brand ambassadors there can be increased customer engagement that may lead to customer satisfaction. This brand awareness and satisfaction can result in increased sales.

Promo staff can also be used as demonstrators to inform potential customers about what a product or service does. The information sessions or demonstrations provide your potential customers with the knowledge they need to make a purchasing decision. 

3. Savings

Having your staff travel to particular destinations can be costly when you have additional costs in pay for travel, staff meals and accommodation. The promo staff that you hire can be used in place of your permanent staff. For the most part, promo staff aren’t hard to come across in particular areas and will be able to do the same job.