There is no doubt that the digital age has reshaped the landscape of the workforce. The pervasiveness of technology has meant that the recruitment process is now almost exclusively online. With the majority of potential employees flocking to the internet (in particular ‘Millennials’) this has also caused a cultural shift. Attitudes held by potential employees in relation to searching for employment, as well as their expectations of the workforce, have changed.

Savvy businesses who understand the value of good employees will strive to keep up with this technological revolution and ensure that their hiring process is up-to-date and reflective of job seekers’ changing attitudes.

Quick & Easy Application Processes for Employees

According to Business News Daily, job seekers now expect the application process to be quick and easy. If response rates are too slow and the hiring process involves jumping through too many hoops, then they’ll swiftly move on to the next prospective employer.

A streamlined and efficient approach that is employee-friendly enhances the attractiveness of the employer in the job market, and increases the likelihood of the business finding that star employee. For example, On Demand platforms like Workfast allow employees and employers to connect quickly through the creation of a simple profile where employees just input the relevant information into the designated fields.

Proactively Hiring Employees

Employers can also be more proactive in the way that they source their employment. Now, it just isn't enough to sit back and wait for the right candidate to walk in. Businesses can also reach out to job seekers. More than ever, prospective employees are putting themselves out there, on sites like LinkedIn, ready for an employer to come by and identify the value they would bring to the business. These websites are valuable sources and allow recruiters to engage directly with job seekers and hand-pick those who fit the bill. Furthermore, making the effort to seek out employees also fosters better relations, as employees feel as though their worth has been acknowledged.

Online Business Branding & The 'Zero Moment of Truth'

During the recruitment process, the online branding of the business is also a vital component of effectively attracting potential employees. Employees often do as much, if not more, research on the company they are applying to, as the business does on them. This ‘Zero Moment of Truth’, coined by Google, can make or break an applicant’s willingness to initiate or continue with the recruitment process. Stanford's Web Credibility Research found that the initial impression of a business' website can have a priming effect on how they judge future encounters. A positive first impression can bolster perceptions, whilst a negative initial interaction can taint further encounters.

A business' online presence should put its best foot forward and clearly and accurately portray its values, unique personality and culture. This will help employers attract the most suitable candidates that align with, not only the job being offered, but also the business itself.

The digitised world we live in has revolutionised the way that the recruitment process is conducted. Gone are the days of two-dimensional résumés and cover letters. The workforce is now an interactive marketplace where employees are more empowered than ever. Employers must adapt to these digital trends in order to establish an effective and up-to-date hiring process.