The role of a retail staff or sales assistant is to sell a good or service to potential customers within a store. There are many different types of products that may be sold. this may range from clothing and accessories to cars or electrical goods. One significant role of the retail staff is to serve and advise a customer on the good or service that they are selling. Retail staff have a responsibility to operate cash registers, they may take orders, stock shelves and keep their workplace in order.

Retail staff have lots of attributes and skills, these include:

  • having a positive attitude
    - may look the part of the company
    - have a very personable attitude towards customers
    - are able to communicate with customers
    - are honest when it comes to sales and dealing with money
    - are able to be on their feet for periods of time

The working conditions of retail staff may vary. Retail staff members work in different shops that may include warehouses, outlets, department stores or boutiques. These shops may not always be indoors but may include outdoors as well. Most retail staff are busiest on weekends and may work hours which are on a casual or part-time basis. The work environment of a retail staff is usually in a public space.

Retail staff may make use of different technologies. These include cash registers, pricing labels, EFTPOS machines and POS systems. In certain shops, they might use very specialised equipment including electronic measuring machines, gardening equipment or electronic brochures.

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Retail staff do not require formal training but experience and can-do-attitude is important to being successful. Training on the job is usually provided alongside relevant information on the product of sale. Traineeships are not common but there are some stores that offer retail traineeships over a 12 month period.

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