With the rise of casual workers across Australia, there has been a large movement for unions to step in and give more rights to workers.

So what do you need to know about casual workers when hiring them for your business?

There have been many changes to workers rights in Australia but one of the most significant changes is that under a nationwide union plan, casual workers will have the right to become permanent after 6 months of “regular” work under one employer.

There are approximately 2.2 million casual workers across Australia and this newly proposed law by the Fair Work Commission may apply to a large percentage of these workers. There have been many debates on both sides with unions claiming that casual work is not fair for employees and employers counter-claiming that it is not casual work but rather not having a job that is the enemy. The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry stated that 19,000 jobs could be at risk if these new measures come into play.

The newly proposed laws have meant that a wave of new companies are creating exciting new ways in which employers can connect with employees in a fastest and efficient way. As employees will be restricted to working in one place for 6 months there will be a demand for workers that are assured and rated under trusted honesty systems.

The new way to recruit casuals is not through recruitment agencies but rather through On Demand platforms. If you haven’t already heard. These new On Demand platforms connect workers with workplaces fast and efficiently. The new system works in a way that an employer will post a job and get notified of potential employees who bid on the position. The great thing about these platforms is that they potential employees have star ratings from previous employers. This rating assures you that workers are exactly what you are looking for before you hire them.

These platforms are also On Demand; which means that as soon as you post a job you are connected with potential employees immediately. As the platform works on the bringing flexibility back into the workforce, employers can hire these workers by the hourly, day or week depending on the needs of the business. For the worker; they are able to work when they want, and as long as they are good workers, their profiles will push them to the top of the list.

Here is a list of some On Demand platforms that are worth checking out