Scaffolding is one of the many types of occupations that are predominantly associated with construction and labour hire. However, scaffolding plays a vital role in ensuring that the construction job gets done effectively and in a safe manner. The role of  a scaffolder involves a range of tasks, such as planning, assembling, and erecting the scaffolding needed for construction sites, inspecting the equipment and integrity of the structure, determining what kind of scaffolding is required based on the specifics of the job, disassembling the scaffolding once the project is completed, and so on.

Scaffolding is a necessary element of any construction project, particularly those that involve heights, as it allows workers to reach areas that may not have been accessible without it and provides workers with a safe platform to do so. This is because it provides labourers with a steady area to walk on, effectively reducing the risk of falling.

Benefits for Employer

On a construction site, safety should be the number one priority. By having a trained scaffolder that is able to construct quality scaffolding for the site, it will help to minimise some of the dangers associated with working on a construction site. For example, as mentioned earlier, workers falling from a building, tripping, etc. Scaffolding also helps to protect the building or structure that is being worked on, as it won't have to support the weight of the labourers or risk being damaged by foot traffic.
Furthermore, scaffolding helps to increase the speed at which the project can be completed, as it allows workers to reach difficult places that may have previously been too high or too hard to get to.

**Benefits for Employee **

Being a scaffolder is quite a physically demanding job. However, being a scaffolder does mean that each project will provide a new challenge, allow you to work outdoors, as well as provide the chance to meet new and interesting people. Working as a scaffolder is a great way to earn good money while being an integral part of a safe work site.

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