Personal branding - what is it? Personal branding is the careful construction of how you wish to be perceived, both online and offline. It is usually applied in professional contexts, and its purpose is to carve you out as an individual, and get you noticed in a crowd of applicants.
With personal branding, you are simultaneously the marketer and the product, since no one knows you, like you. Effective personal branding hinges on your ability to identify the characteristics that make you an individual, the creation of a unique selling proposition, and the consistent reinforcement of this representation through a variety of mediums. The end goal is to cultivate and push a professional persona, that is still genuine and true to who you are, but also illuminates you in the best light possible.

In today's social media obsessed society, Personal Branding has evolved significantly. The proliferation of social media sites have allowed people to build their personal brands on a large-scale, reaching audiences all across the globe, and enabled the creation of a more in-depth impression of potential candidates. The internet's allowance for virtually 24/7 global connectivity, has ramped up the personal branding stakes. Visibility is at an all time high, however, competition and the risk of being lost in the crowd has also increased. Consistent effort is needed to ensure that your branding is successfully positioning you as a valuable, potential recruit.

Your personal brand should strike a careful balance between personality and professionalism. Injecting your own personality is important, as it can help make you more memorable, provide you with unique identifiers, and help keep you top-of-mind when the time comes to making the final decision regarding applications.

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Effective personal branding is an art. It is an extension of who you are and what you can offer future roles, employers and companies that you will be applying for. Personal branding can help you make an impact, and leave a lasting impression on potential employers. In a sea of homogenous competitors in the job market, personal branding can make a major difference to your application and help you rise to the top.

Personal Branding in Labour Hire
It may seem like personal branding is not relevant in the realm of labour hire, however this is not the case. Personal branding can be a key factor in the decision-making process behind the selection of candidates. In many labour hire agencies, the jobs they recruit for often attract a candidate pool that possesses very similar qualifications and skills. In order to narrow this down to a more manageable cluster of candidates, labour hire agencies look at other traits/characteristics that are complementary to the client's main requirements. For example, a labour hire company is looking to hire a forklift driver and two candidates tick all the same boxes. If one forklift driver has branded themselves as being reliable and trustworthy via their social media posts, while the other one has barely done any personal branding, then the first forklift driver is more likely to be considered for the position.

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