According to the Clean Energy Australia Report,  the solar power industry in Australia has successfully secured $1.2 billion in investments in 2015 alone.  The large-scale solar photovoltaics industry is predicted to continue to grow, with energy companies, such as Genex Energy, Origin Energy, and Neoen Australia, gaining approval for grants to begin the construction of new solar farms throughout the country. Recently, the construction of six new large-scale solar power farms in Queensland, five in New South Wales, and one in Western Australia, has essentially tripled the number that existed prior to 2016. Indicating a clear trend in favour of renewable energy sources.

Aside from the positive environmental impacts, a distinct benefit of large-scale switching to renewable energy and the widespread adoption of solar power (both domestically and commercially), is the significant generation of additional direct and indirect jobs. This is especially beneficial for the residents of local and rural communities surrounding the solar farms. The Australian Bureau of statistics states that 14,020 people were employed in this industry by the end of 2015. The influx of jobs associated with the execution of large-scale solar projects helps to strengthen the economies of regional areas.

Shifting attitudes and the subsequent  growth of the renewable energy sector, in particular, the large-scale solar power segment, will help to pave the way for Australia to cultivate a greener image, promote a more environmentally-conscious future, and increase job opportunities and the economic situation for more rural Australian communities.