The exponential growth that is being experienced by the Australian solar power industry, has meant that large volumes of labourers are required to meet the demands associated with the construction of solar farms and other related jobs. Large-scale solar power projects are on the rise and temp labour hire is a great way to get tasks done efficiently and effectively without the obligation to keep them on and incorporate them into the existing employee base.

Since, solar power work (such as the installation of the solar panels) tends to involve one-off tasks, hiring contract and/or temporary workers would be the best fit as they are only taken on for the duration of the role. This provides clear boundaries for both the employer and the employee, with no expectations to stay on longer.
Also, temp staff provides employers with the flexibility to keep up with fluctuating demand and circumstances. This can be done by supplementing the amount of workers already available on hand when the work starts to build, or scaling back the pool of employees when the more hectic periods start to settle. Hiring temp labourers can provide a simple solution to maximise worker productivity and help reduce the costs associated with employing and retaining staff.

Hiring temp labourers for large-scale solar power projects gives employers the flexibility to access extra man hours when deemed necessary, as well as the freedom to concentrate the number of employees on hand during quieter times. Employing temp/contract labourers is the most appropriate option for employers involved with solar energy projects, as they usually only require labour for a set period of time.

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