It's finally happening. The construction of train stations in Sydney's North West is well underway. This project has been a long time coming, since the public transport infrastructure in this area had been lagging significantly behind other areas of Sydney. The lack of access to sufficient public transport has led to Sydney's North West currently having some of the highest levels of car ownership in the state. Also, with the population of  Sydney's North West expected to swell by an additional 200,000, the delivery of a fast and reliable public transport system will help to alleviate congestion on the roads and ensure that the residents of Sydney's North West can get to where they need to go, with ease.

The Project

To prepare Sydney's North West for the impending rise in population and future-proof the area, the Sydney Metro Northwest project was born. The Sydney Metro Northwest will involve the construction of ten new train stations at locations such as, Rouse Hill, Bella Vista, Norwest, Kellyville, and so on.
The trains are set to run every four minutes, with the aim of making timetables redundant, as customers will be able to simply show up at the station and know that a train will arrive shortly.
These stations will also boast an impressive 4000 commuter car parking spaces to accommodate the locals of Sydney's North West who will opt to use the new Sydney Metro lines.

The Sydney Metro Northwest is Stage One of the the Sydney Metro Project.
One of the first undertakings of  the construction of the Sydney Metro Northwest, was the building of 15.5 kilometre twin tunnels running between Bella Vista and Epping. This was completed in January of 2016 and will help connect commuters from Sydney's North West to newly established train stations at Crows Nest, Victoria Cross and Barangaroo.
The twin tunnels lie up to 75 metres below the surface. This depth helps prevent the vibrations from the train reaching the surface and affecting the community, residences, businesses, and so on.

Another prominent feature of the Sydney Metro Northwest is the skytrain. The skytrain is a four kilometre stretch of rail between Kellyville and Rouse Hill that takes the Sydney Metro train 10 to 13 metres above ground. The new Kellyville and Rouse Hill stations will be elevated along the skytrain line. Communities that lie along this stretch of the Sydney Metro Northwest were consulted, when the concept of the Skytrain was developed and designed. This was done in order to minimise the impact that the construction of the Sydney Northwest would have on motorists and the communities themselves. The elevation of the Skytrain also means that its future maintenance won't impede on the day-to-day lives of members of the community.

The Sydney Metro Northwest is expected to be completed and fully operational by 2019.

Benefits of Sydney Metro Northwest

The Sydney Metro Project is Australia's largest public transport project, costing approximately $12.5 billion. Even though this may seem like a hefty bill, the benefits that the Sydney Metro Project is set to provide, will cover more than the cost of the project. It is estimated that for every $1 that is invested into Sydney Metro, the project will deliver benefits to the value of approximately $1.53.
The new Sydney Metro rail system will have the capacity to move approximately 46,000 people per hour. This is almost double the load that the existing public transportation system allows for, and will help to reduce the overcrowding on the trains, and keep the ever-growing Sydney-area moving.

The Sydney Metro Northwest line will be a welcome addition to the public transport starved area and open it up for greater economic activity and easier movement in and out of Sydney's north west.
The addition of a fast and reliable train network to Sydney's north west, will help to encourage greater rates of public transport use amongst residents, vastly improve the commute for those who already choose to use public transport, and decrease congestion on the roads. Since the population of Sydney's north west is expected to balloon significantly in the near future, the new Sydney Metro lines will help to future-proof the area and facilitate its growth.

Aside from the significant improvement in accessibility to public transport in the north west, the Sydney Metro project has also injected thousands of jobs into the job market. The construction alone of Sydney Metro Northwest has led to the creation of hundreds, if not, thousands of jobs. The Sydney Metro Northwest is also a major employer of young people and those from the greater Western Sydney area.
This increased employment has significant run-off benefits, such as stimulating economic growth through increased consumer spending, increasing financial independence, improving quality of life, and so on. The Sydney Metro Northwest project not only effectively delivers the direct benefit of a better public transport system, but also indirect benefits from the boost in employment opportunities.

With the introduction of better and easier public transport infrastructure to Sydney's North West, it will help turn the area into a hub for leisure and commerce. The new train lines will encourage increased traffic to these areas and help breathe new life into the local economy. More people coming to the area, will mean more spending and increased support for local businesses. Investing in the improvement of public infrastructure in Sydney's north west will help turn it into a major new area of activity in Sydney.

The Sydney Metro Northwest project is set to significantly improve the access to Sydney's north west, facilitate its projected future population growth, and transform it into a thriving area for business, leisure and residence. The Sydney Metro Northwest is a major step towards nurturing the area and allowing it to adapt and evolve with the inevitable changes that will occur over time.

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