Finding temporary work can sometimes be difficult, particularly in a competitive job market. If you're looking for a job opportunity that will suit your hectic lifestyle, allow you to experience a professional business environment, and enhance your professional skill sets, then a temporary office job may just be what you're looking for. Temp office work is particularly beneficial for individuals who are juggling multiple responsibilities, want to gain some first-hand experience, or those just looking for a way to earn a little extra income. To successfully secure employment in this position, it is vital that you stand out from the crowd and showcase exactly why you are the best candidate for the role.

How to be a Stand Out Applicant

Add Personality To Your Application

Although it is very important to outline your technical skills, qualifications and capabilities, in order to stand out, your application must be multi-dimensional. Personalising your application to reflect you as an individual will increase your memorability as a candidate since you have created a point of difference for yourself . It also gives the potential employer an idea of  how well you will be able to integrate into the corporate culture, which can often make or break the success of your application.

Showcase the Breadth of Your Skills

Similarly to adding personality to your application, showcasing the breadth of your skills will help to create a more holistic perspective of you as a candidate. Include skills that you possess, which may not necessarily be the most obvious choice, but are still relevant and enhance your suitability for the role and its various responsibilities. For example, you may have learnt valuable customer service and interpersonal communication experience in a retail job, which is directly applicable to temp office work.

Personally Contact The Potential Employer

Take the time to contact the potential employer to introduce yourself, get to know them and enquire about the position and/or company.  This will show that you're a proactive individual, that is willing to go above and beyond for the role. Most candidates will settle and just submit an application. By personally contacting the employer, your application will be more unique, exhibit your drive and enhance your chances of securing the temp office work.

Where to Find Temp Office Work


Workfast is an On Demand platform that connects job seekers with exciting temp office work opportunities, quickly and securely. This is an easy way to source temp office work that is immediately available, and fast tracks the application process so that you can find out the result of your application much sooner.

Make the Most of Your Network

Another simple way to find a temporary office job is to express that you're looking for one, to your network of friends, family, acquaintances and so on. According to Forbes, job opportunities could be waiting right under your nose, amongst the people who could potentially open up the doors of employment to you. Effectively utilising your network is extremely beneficial as referrals from a trusted third party can have a powerful influence on getting potential employers to consider you for the position.

Temp office work can be a fantastic opportunity to build work around your lifestyle, gain and develop skills, and generate additional income. To secure this role, candidates must stand out and exhibit that their own individual personality, their range of applicable skills and be willing to make the first move.