Temp staff or 'temporary staff" are a valuable addition in the workforce, they work as flexible employees to mutually benefit and fulfill staffing shortfalls. Businesses benefit greatly by using temp staff as they can have workers ready for them On Demand. This gives them ability to complete necessary work at the time that it is required.

The benefits of having temporary staff

The benefit of temp staff is the flexibility and simplicity offered to the workplace. Temp workers allow businesses to focus in on processes and easily hire who they need to get the job done. Employers and employees generally have a relationship that involves hiring as a direct employee of a company to fulfil a certain job role. Employees spend a set amount of time per week working and get paid an hourly wage or a weekly salary. This process can often become overly complicated and cumbersome, especially when the nature of work is not ongoing.

When a company needs work completed beyond the standard operation, management is forced to find a way to fill this position. There may be several solutions to solve this issue including: stretching the current employees it does have, hiring new employees or outsource to get the job which often comes at a higher price. In it's simplest form however, there is a job that needs to be done and temp staff can be used On Demand to complete it.

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Temp staff  hired for shorter periods often avoid much of the long term commitments that come with hiring permanent staff. Businesses can hire a temp staff to complete any specific job and leading to some financial benefits including employment, insurance and taxation costs being moved to a 3rd party. They may also want to hire staff for peak seasons or to fill in for vacancies. Temp staff allow businesses simplify filling a job as needed.

Problems with the hiring process

The hiring process itself can be lengthy and cumbersome. Starting with posting job ads, sifting through countless resumes, conducting interviews and negotiating with selected candidates. When hiring, employers need to create employment contracts for staff, negotiate salary, pay superannuation and taxes and ensure they comply with all award wages and Fair Work standards.  Part time and full time roles are further complicated as they require personal leave and holiday pay.

Hiring new staff is a lengthy process with no guarantee of the correct solution, employees may not turn out as expected or circumstances may change where they are no longer needed. Following this the employer is then faced with letting go of staff that are no longer needed which can involve lengthy notices, severance pay and legal duties. In many situations, therefore, it can be much simpler to employ temp staff.

Benefits to the worker

There are several reasons why temp work is beneficial to staff, offering flexibility to suit their situation. Instead of permanent schedules, staff can choose the shifts they want to work. Therefor this works especially well for anybody who has other commitments such as a first job, a family, or their own business.

Taking a job to filling temporary positions allows for flexibility in choosing when to work. Temp workers can also take a standard roles, where some staff work full time for a temp agency, filling different positions at a number of different companies. While their hours may be consistent across a week, they may have much greater variety in where they work and what they do.

What Workfast offers

Workfast provides a platform for temp staff to find work easily, allowing businesses to post up specific jobs for staff to complete. Where normally this process would require both parties to go through a temp work agency, Workfast connects the business directly to staff. Therefore allowing them to choose who they would like to hire and how much they would like to pay. Staff can also choose jobs that suit their direct skill set and availability.

The Workfast platform allows for skilled staff to connect directly to jobs that suit their skill set, as well as explore new jobs and gain experience. Business find staff that fit a specific skill set to complete a job, without the agency cost through our App or website.