With the increasing number of temp and casual workers across Australia, companies and organisations need to find ways to motivate their workers. As the festive shopping season approaches, businesses are fast looking to hire new temporary workers. While business is becoming more reliant on temp workers, these workers may not have the same enthusiasm as these workplaces. There are many ways to motivate your temp workers. Here are some that you can employ to increase productivity.


Direction and training with on how your company operates are paramount in making your temp worker feel part of the team. Even though these temp worker may have experience in your industry, understanding the rules, philosophy and systems of your company allow the temp worker to become more empowered and confident to complete the job. Make sure the whoever is supervising corrects the temp worker on mistakes so that they will be able to complete the job correctly.

Making Temp workers feel apart of the family

Making sure that your temp worker fits in and is introduced to your permanent workers. Not doing this can isolate and reduce the productivity of the temp worker. Making it a point to set the temp worker up with one of your full-time workers is a good idea.

Offer a bonus

Temp workers can be highly motivated by monetary means. You might want hold office contests or set goals for each temp with a bonus to be awarded when these goals are met. Alternatively, you could combine teams and consider holding departmental contests to promote camaraderie.


A lot of temp workers eventually are looking to become permanent. When hiring temp staff offer up opportunities to grow with the company. Even if there is no job offer you can offer the chance to learn new skills and increase chances of being employed.

Keep in contact

If you find that you have a good temp worker make sure you keep in contact. You never know where or when you will need workers.