The work that is done from temp workers or workers that are permanent is very similar. However, temp workers and full-time workers do not entirely have the same responsibilities and their rights as an employee differ greatly.

So what is everyone's definition of what a temp worker is?

All over the world people’s definition of what a warehouse worker is different. In, Australia however, the workforce operates on award systems which vary in each industry. For many people working in the Australia, these definitions can be challenging for employers and employees to understand.

A widely accepted way of defining temp work is either:

  •  a work project that has a specific time frame to be completed or;
    -  a role which you are financially reimbursed for on an hourly, daily or weekly rate.

Of course, this definition does not fit into every one of these roles but there is an overall view that casual or temp workers are in positions that are limited in time and project based.

What you need to know about terminating temp workers?

In most industries and their awards, there is no clear definition of what notice an employer needs to give a temp worker. Despite the lack of guidance, there are some basic business rules that should be followed when dealing with temp workers

  •  temp workers are usually engaged for a period of time for a specific project.
    -  an employer can terminate a temp worker at any time. Any work that has been completed needs to be paid out.
    -  temp workers have the right to also terminate their engagement with the employer at any time. Temp workers can ultimately give one hours notice.

As much as employers and temp workers are flexible with work requirements and can terminate a project with little notice, it is not always in the best interest of either party as bridges can be burnt and bad reputations can be gained.

What's in it for the temp worker?

There are many benefits for temp workers. If a worker is in between jobs and is looking for some extra income, temp work is great for this whilst you find something a little more permanent.

If you’re looking for something new and exciting but aren’t sure about what other industries have to offer, sometimes the best way to find out is to temp in another role.

Temp work can also help to keep your skills up-to-date giving you exposure to different industries, tasks and workplaces.