Sydney, currently the most populous city in Australia with over 4.6 million people, has increasingly experienced a rising tide of temp workers. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the accommodations & food services, agriculture, forestry, fishing, admin & support services industries had the highest proportion of temporary staff. These industries, along with others such as retail trade and arts & recreation services, are projected to experience additional demand for temp workers. A major reason for this trend is the attitudes surrounding work, shifting away from the stability of job tenure, and towards more flexible employment to suit their lifestyles. Another contributing factor is the unpredictable fluctuations in business demand, which have caused employers to seek temporary staff to support operations. Temporary workers help ease the burden of increased demand without the costs and obligations associated with hiring permanent staff.

Flexible employment often comes in the form of casual, temporary and contractual work. Temporary workers provide employers with the manpower they need to remain dynamic and cope with the strain of peak periods. Also, by establishing and maintaining a robust database of casual employees, employers will already have a pool of skilled and trained employees available for conversion into permanent staff. This effectively reduces the time and costs related to the hiring process.

Sourcing Temp Workers

Here are some helpful websites to assist you in sourcing temp workers, in the Sydney area:


Workfast is an On Demand platform that quickly and easily connects workplaces with available temp workers. Workfast enables employers to browse worker profiles, as well as ratings from previous employers, which provides them with the information they need to quickly discern whether a candidate will be right for the job that is being offered.Workfast is an efficient, secure and cost-effective way to hire temp staff, in comparison to legacy agencies.


People2People is a recruitment service specialising in accounting, admin & secretarial, banking & finance, customer service & call centre, executive, human resources, legal, operations & supply chain, property, and sales & marketing work. Although People2People, is not specifically geared towards hiring temporary staff, it does connect temporary job opportunities with temporary workers.