Temping, temporary and casual jobs in Australia can be varied in the amount of time that you work. You could be hired for a few hours to a few days or months depending on the role or project that you are required to work.

Companies all over the world including ones in Australia will employ temporary staff at some point in their lifetime. There are many reasons why companies employ temp staff and this can range from having someone cover a sick staff member or someone that is on holidays to getting temp staff in for a special project or to supplement permanent staff.

Over recent years the temping, temporary and casual job market has considerably grown in size. Some industries have seen larger growths then others but industries like manufacturing and hospitality have seen a larger then expected growth. Currently about 20 percent of employees in these industries classify themselves as either a casual or temp worker.

New digital technology in the temporary and casual job sector has made room for what is known as an On Demand workforce. Essentially the On Demand workforce allows employers to connect with potential employees at a click of a button through mobile and web applications. These applications have made the process of hiring temporary staff more cost effective and efficient and have lead to the increased use of casual and temp workers throughout all industries.

The introduction of new digital technology was not the only factor contributing to the increased utilisation of an On demand, temporary or casual workforce. Companies are becoming more efficient in scaling their workforce as needed with business demands. A large makeup of the temping, temporary and casual workforce is focused around foreign workers on working holiday visas. For these workers in Australia, an employer is permitted to have a casual worker for 3 months before the worker has to find another job. Casual work may be hard to find for employees but new web and mobile applications like Workfast and Freelancer here in Australia have made that process a lot easier for employers to find workers and visa versa.

When traveling on a working visa there are many things to consider before you set out looking for work. Some of these may be peak and non-peak periods of casual employment within a country, including when supply and demand is at a low or high due to factors like university student breaks. Other factors include peak recruiting periods which may be a couple of months before a position is available e.g Christmas casuals are usually hired in and around October and November.

Coming up to Christmas there are a lot of casual and temping positions available in the retail and hospitality industry along side others like warehouse and factory workers. These jobs, particularly in Australia, are great for students, travellers, backpackers and people who want job flexibility within their job.