Finding the perfect temporary warehouse staff member may be time-consuming and recruitment agencies can be a costly process. So what other ways are there to find and hire temporary staff?

In the warehouse and distribution sector, finding the right candidate is crucial in running your workplace efficiently and effectively. There are many ways in which you can find warehouse staff. One new way for finding staff is through using online talent platforms like Workfast. These types online platforms are becoming increasingly common and can act as a recruitment agency without the exuberant fees that can be involved in connecting warehouse staff with your business.

Workfast makes sure that any casual or temporary warehouse staff sent out to your business are individually interviewed and screened before you hire them. We understand that having a good work ethic that is teamed with the right skills and capabilities means success for your business.

Workfast works with employers from all industries to take the hassle out of recruiting casual or temporary warehouse staff. Our workers are varied in skill levels and can be tailored to what you need for your business. The casual nature of temporary staff means that you are able to save on costs in hiring full-time staff and scale your business to the fluctuations in demand.

Some recruitment issues that Workfast can help solve are:

  • On Demand employment services

  • Temp-to-Hire

  • Workforce management

  • Worker support

Working in a warehouse environment often means spending a considerable amount of time on recruitment. This comes naturally with this sort of working sector. By teaming up with Workfast, you’ll be able to minimise risks involved with employing staff, increase warehouse staff productivity and ultimately find the solution to your warehouse needs. To find out more about our Workfast solutions, click on the link here. Alternatively, call 1300 824 403 speak to one of our representatives.