As the global population is set to reach 7.5 billion by 2018, driven by an increase in youth population, there will be a major shift in political and socio-economic structures. People are more connected than ever before, the average consumer will use and own 3 or more mobile devices including a mobile phone, tablet and laptop. This "connectedness" and the embrace of technology, leads to a life and workforce that is On Demand.

Need a cleaner? Just tap an App. Need advice on a legal issue? There’s an On Demand lawyer waiting for you. Looking for a midnight snack? On Demand drivers make room service available right at your front door. 

"Temp Agency Sydney or temp agencies are now a valuable resource in your staffing needs. Flexible and On Demand matching employers with workers when it is needed most."

The increasing connectivity to the digital world is transforming our everyday lives and in turn is transforming our nine-to-five work day. The introduction to mobile apps and workers that focus on an On Demand life of flexibility and independence is allowing organisations to quickly and efficiently outsource pools of talented individuals to joins their ranks.

Currently 32% of the Australian workforce are undertaking some form of independent work, whether it is in addition to their current full-time job or having three jobs to replace the full-time position. This is commonplace now and will only increase in the future.

With so much talent On Demand there are many questions in which organisations need to ask to keep up-to-date and ahead of their game. 

Come follow us as we explore and break down what it means to be part of the On Demand workforce and how you can benefit from joining the future of work. Some areas that we will explore is how will the traditional nine-to-five work schedule adapt to the fast changing work environment? Who are these employees and how will organisations pivot to meet the needs of these employees?