With Christmas fast approaching, warehouses are shifting gears. The Christmas period is a very busy and fruitful time for this industry, with many warehouses experience a significant increase in demand.
In order to, not only survive the Christmas rush, but to thrive despite the chaos that it brings, warehouses must prepare how they will handle their stock, staff and operations, well in advance.

Optimising your warehouse will help to ensure the timely delivery of goods to customers. This is essential for the creation and maintenance of positive customer relationships, and may help to generate positive word of mouth and expand your warehouse's customer base.

Here are some tips to help you get your warehouse ready for the holidays:

Review The Layout Of Your Warehouse
An organised warehouse is fundamental for greater efficiency. Slight tweaks to how and where inventory is stored, can have a dramatic impact on order turn-around. For example, placing items typically ordered together, in close proximity to each other on the warehouse floor will allow for a smoother picking flow. An organised warehouse can help to significantly minimise errors and time wasted searching for products.
It is also important to keep track of which products sell the best and ensure that these items are easily accessible, and located near the shipping or dispatch areas. This will allow your warehouse to reduce labour time and fill high frequency order at a faster rate.

Stock Accurately
One of the most important aspects of keeping up with demand is to ensure that you are not only adequately stocked, but your warehouse is stocked with the correct products. Under-stocking or overstocking your warehouse can lead to missed sales opportunities, unhappy customers, poor liquidity and/or high costs, so it is of the utmost importance that your warehouse gets its inventory levels right.
To figure out accurate product quantities, it is essential that warehouses utilise forecasting software to churn through sales and supplier data, and identify useful patterns in customer buying behaviour.
Demand forecasting software takes the guesswork out of inventory management and will help ensure that your warehouse is able to fulfil the high volume of Christmas time orders.
Some examples of forecast demand software utilised by warehouses, include:
- Fishbowl
- Demand Works
- Halo
- Oracle Demand Management

Maintain Your Equipment

Conducting regular maintenance on equipment can help ensure that your warehouse runs smoothly. Poor functioning or broken down equipment can greatly impact warehouse operations and severely delay order fulfilment, which is very bad news during the Christmas rush.
Frequent equipment inspections and maintenance will allow you to quickly spot and fix mechanical issues before it's too late.

Expand & Train Your Team
During the Christmas period, demand often skyrockets, so it is important that you have adequate staff to handle the pressure.
Hiring new workers can be a lengthy and costly process, so many warehouses turn to labour hire to help supplement their workforce. Since labour hire agencies are often able to find suitable workers quickly and easily, warehouses are able to expand their team at relatively short notice.
It is important to note that having the numbers isn't enough. To ensure efficient operations these additional workers will also need to be properly trained. Providing thorough training will help to prepare your new warehouse workers for the seasonal rush, enable them to work autonomously and be as productive as possible.

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