The role of a storeperson is to monitor, record and organise the inventory that enters and leaves a warehouse. They are also involved with quality control tasks, such as ensuring that when the inventory is despatched, the right quantities are being shipped and all the items are in good condition. Storepersons are vital for the smooth operation of a warehouse, as they ensure that all inventory is accounted for, their locations are recorded for easy and efficient access, and the stock is managed, organised and optimised. Basically, the storeperson is the gatekeeper of the warehouse and they assist in ensuring that the warehouse runs like a well-oiled machine.

In order to secure a position as a storeperson, it isn't completely necessary to have any formal requirements, as on-the-job training can teach you everything you'll need to know. However, to enhance your chances of being considered, it would be beneficial to possess a forklift licence, as these are important pieces of machinery in warehouses, (click here to find out how you can get a forklift licence). Also, acquiring a certificate in warehouse operations would be beneficial as it would provide a good theoretical foundation for practical warehouse skills.

Working as a storeperson is a very physically demanding job, so it is important that you are fit and able to do manual tasks. An eye for detail and organisational skills would also be very beneficial.

So, why should you consider applying for a storeperson job?

Being a storeperson isn't just a one-dimensional role that involves long and monotonous tasks, it allows you to experience a range of jobs within the context of a warehouse.  This enhances your skills in a variety of roles and helps to keep your working day interesting. Having a role as a storeperson allows you to try your hand in a little bit of everything.
Working as a storeperson also allows you to be in control, as you are tasked with the management of a whole warehouse. Every work day will provide a new challenge, which will help to enrich your working life.

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