Labour hire. Recently, this phrase has been increasingly bandied around in the arena of employment. But, what exactly does the term mean? Labour hire is the concept of outsourcing a business' recruitment process to a third party (aka the labour hire agency/company). They take care of the entire hiring process, including payroll, superannuation, tax, etc., and ensure that the workers provided meet the needs and expectations of the client company. This is done in exchange for a fee. It is important to note that the workers that are provided are employed by the labour hire agency and are 'leased' temporarily to the client/company. This employment arrangement strays from more traditional forms of employment, which often involve long-term contracts and the recruitment process occurring in-house. The rise in labour hire may be attributable to the significant benefits it provides to both employers and employees.

For Employees
Labour hire has been increasingly used by companies and businesses as it provides a way for them to stay flexible and scale their workforce up or down when required. This is particularly important for the mining and construction industries, as the work available is dependent on demand. Labour hire also provide businesses with a time and cost-effective way to recruit people. Another key benefit of using labour hire services, is that you will receive high-quality workers. This is because labour hire agencies usually implement rigorous vetting processes to ensure that the worker that company's receive match their expectations and are qualified to fulfil the role.

For Employees
Employees also benefit from the use of labour hire services, as they are directly matched with job opportunities that are best suited to their attributes, skill sets and qualifications. Furthermore, labour hire gives employees flexibility in their work life, since the jobs are usually temporary. This makes it easy to fit these job opportunities into busy schedules and/or allow workers to earn a supplementary income.

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