It’s official, Workfast Labour Hire has expanded into Victoria! With Workfast Labour Hire’s foray into the Victorian market, we are dedicated to helping local job seekers connect directly with job opportunities in Victoria. At Workfast Labour Hire, we endeavour to ensure that the job positions presented to candidates are best-suited to their skills, qualifications, and experience, so that both employers and employees benefit. Workfast Labour Hire has established its headquarters in Melbourne, to serve not only the urban inner-city areas, but the entirety of Victoria, including more suburban and regional locations.

Melbourne is a city on the rise, with a growing population, vibrant culture and booming economy. Various sectors and industries are growing rapidly in Victoria, and job opportunities are expected to increase in accordance with this swell in productivity. This has made Workfast Labour Hire’s expansion into Victoria, and the choice of Melbourne as Workfast Labour Hire’s central hub, a no-brainer. Workfast Labour Hire is set to make a splash in the Victorian labour hire industry, by streamlining the hiring process for a range of companies through the use of our On Demand technology, and quickly connecting quality, pre-vetted workers with workplaces.

Booming Industries In Victoria

Construction - Residential & Public Infrastructure
The Building and Construction sector is a significant contributor to the Victorian economy, and is expected to continue to go from strength to strength in the foreseeable future. This is because Victoria, and Melbourne in particular, are planning projects aimed at future-proofing the state, and preparing for the inevitable population increase. Currently, the building and construction projects that are top priority, are residential and public infrastructure. There are already a number of public infrastructure projects underway, including the Metro Tunnel, The Regional Network Development Plan, and The Murray Basin Rail Project. Residential construction projects are also prominent in Victoria, with large-scale developments such Docklands, Riverwalk, and Cloverton. Building and construction projects, both current and planned, will create thousands of jobs and won't be slowing anytime soon. 

Victoria boasts the largest manufacturing industry in Australia, with approximately 30% of Australia’s manufacturing workers employed in this state. The manufacturing sector in Victoria encompasses a broad range of businesses operating in industries such as automotive, food processing, and pharmaceuticals. Manufacturing is a major driver in the Victorian economy, as well as a major source of employment for Victorians. Manufacturing is a $26 billion industry and ensuring its continued performance and growth is a priority for the state government. These efforts will help to maintain the manufacturing industry's status as a powerhouse for employment in Victoria, by continuing to stimulate job opportunities.

Hospitality & Tourism
Victoria, particularly Melbourne, has a world-renowned reputation for its food and culture scene, so it's no surprise that its hospitality industry is the second largest in Australia. The hospitality industry in Victoria is incredibly robust employing over 115,000 workers in its cafes, restaurants, bars, pubs, hotels, clubs, bistros, etc. Victoria's hospitality and tourism sector is expected to continue to flourish and add thousands of jobs to the labour market.

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