There are a number of different ways of finding work in Australia, and working as a contractor is a trend that is steadily rising. In 2013 17.2 per cent of the workforce in Australia were self employed, a number which has been increasing since then. Those looking for work are less likely to rely solely on finding full time employment, but are realising there is a lot of opportunity if they are willing to take things into their own hands.

So why would you want be to working as a contractor? Well, you open yourself up to a number  different jobs and experiences, and gain a whole lot of control and independence. A lot of people and businesses are looking to hire skilled people to complete different tasks and jobs. They are not looking to hire someone as an employee, they just want the job done by someone who has the required skills. There are a lot of people around who have the ability to complete all of these different tasks, and so it works well to hire a contract worker. If you have a skill and some free time, wouldn't you want to use it to earn some income?

"Some of the advantages of utilising the On Demand workforce is that it can increase innovation through having a diverse pool of workers which can lead to business growth. Other advantages include having lower overheads and reduced risks in relation to employees".

People are becoming contractors at a rate like never before, most likely because it's never been this easy, or been perceived as a simple and viable option. We are coming out of an age where being a part of a workers union and having one career for life was the norm. People wanted job security working for a large company, and contract jobs were not so readily available. Today that view is different. To begin working as a contractor only requires obtaining an ABN, and finding those contract jobs is much easier than before. Much of this change is thanks to the internet, which is allowing people to find these jobs, and often even cary them out online. Think of the way Uber connects people looking for someone to provide a service. Rather than needing to find a company, they can use an app to tap into a resource of contractors willing to provide them with a service.

Working as a contractor in Australia can be as simple as registering for an Australian Business Number (ABN). This can be done for free through the Australian government website. Once you have received your ABN, you are free to work as a contractor. However be aware that you are now running your own business. Where your employer may have previously taken care of your taxes, insurance and superannuation, this is now your responsibility. Like any business, it is important you have the right skills and accreditation for your type of work, and you are aware of your responsibilities in carrying out the different jobs. Obtaining insurance is often recommended, as it prevents you from being personally liable if any problems arise.

The way our society is structured today, as well as the technology we have available to us, is making it easier than ever to find work as a contractor. Whether you are wanting to do this as your full time career, or just looking to make some extra cash, contract work may be good for you. Becoming a contractor is quite easy, and being able to pick up those extra jobs is always a bonus. The truth is there is a lot of work available, you just need to be ready for it.