As the Christmas season quickly approaches, it's the perfect time for young workers to start dipping their toes into the job market. Christmas casual positions are starting to flood online spaces and shop windows, presenting wonderful opportunities to develop key skills that will be important for future work endeavours. These casual positions also have the potential to develop into part-time roles, that will provide stability and the chance for career progression in that field.  However, initially finding that job vacancy can often be a daunting task, especially for young workers who are new to the scene and have no idea where to begin. In order to relieve some of this pressure, we have compiled a short list of avenues through which young people can start looking for potential positions and begin their work journeys.

Where to Find Jobs for Young Workers


Workfast is an On Demand platform that quickly and easily connects job seekers with immediate job opportunities, through the creation of an online profile. The jobs listed are very flexible and often don't require extensive commitment since the position can be for an hour, a day or a week. This is perfect for young workers, as it will allow their job to fit with their schedule and provide them with the freedom to pursue other opportunities, in conjunction with the job acquired through Workfast. Also, the real-time connection means that young workers can be hired instantaneously and start the job almost as quickly.

Spot Jobs

Spot Jobs is also another online job platform where young workers can find job opportunities advertised by various employers in a range of industries. Similar to Workfast, this job platform also provides young workers with flexible job choices. Spot Jobs allows them to adjust filters in their job search so that they are able to refine the extensive list of job vacancies, to those that are most relevant and applicable to their situation.

Out & About

Despite our highly digitized world, job vacancies can still be found advertised in shop windows, newspapers, through family and friends, and so on. It is vital that these avenues aren't neglected, as vacancies may be first advertised through these channels before they are disseminated on a mass scale. This would allow young workers to get ahead of the curve and enhance their chances of being visible to the potential employer. Also, by handing in a resumé in person and establishing personal contact, it may allow them to create a more memorable impression and help young workers differentiate themselves from the other applicants.

Effectively utilising these avenues will help young workers find a relevant job opportunity, land it and begin building their career path.