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Casual Jobs in Melbourne

Looking for a Casual Jobs Melbourne? Join the Workfast team. Create a personal profile and put yourself as available, you will be matched with jobs in your selected categories. Casual or part time jobs are posted each day in Labour Hirehospitality, office admin, general services, promotions and events, retail and sales. We have talented, eager workers ready to fill positions that would otherwise be difficult and time-consuming.

The nature of work in Melbourne

The Australian Bureau of Statistics shows 25% of the Australian workforce to be casual and growing. The workforce is moving away from full-time contracts, and instead moving into a more casual and flexible work life. Workers benefit from having flexibility and receiving higher rates with casual loading, and employers benefit from not having to worry about holiday pay or extra benefits.

Jobs in Melbourne can take a variety of forms, as the city is home to a large amount of industries and people. A study done to show the top industries and work in Melbourne gives some insights into where jobs are going, and the growing casual and contract work force.

Financial and insurance services create the largest industry in Melbourne, with over 10% of the work being contracted, followed by health care and social assistance in second place with approximately 12% of the workforce being casual. Administrative and support services are close to the top, while still having around 13% of its workforce as casual and one of the largest industries for casual work in Melbourne is in accommodation and food services at 43%.

A large part of the workforce is either casual or contract, meaning companies often choose to bring people in to perform specific tasks and work when needed. This works well to offer flexibility, rather than hiring everyone on a full time or part time basis. Avoiding the contracts, commitments, and recurring schedules allow employers to be agile and move with the flow of work.

The general standard is that companies look to hire employees at either a part-time or full-time bases. These workers will then be assigned to a particular role and be responsible for carrying it out consistently. However the nature of work is changing, as full-time work is decreasing, and people are moving more towards part-time, casual and contract work. Companies are thinking more on a task basis, rather than trying to fill an entire job role. It is now easier to bring in an expert in a particular task than hire or train full-time workers, especially when the job is for a set amount of time.

The fastest way to find work

The Secret is connecting workplaces and workers with casual jobs in Melbourne as efficiently as possible. When looking for casual jobs in Melbourne, most likely you need work that fits your schedule, and you need it quick. Workfast is built around creating the fastest transaction possible, allowing you to bid directly on specific jobs with your already created profile. No need to send out a handful of resumes and wait for employers to get back to you.

The standard procedure for finding work can be very lengthy due to the standard hiring process, this is exactly what we have worked hard to change. The problems start at the beginning, with the employer posting a job and then hoping that the right people will see it and send in a resume. The chances of the right people even seeing the job ad are slim. Job seekers get no notifications, instead have to search by keyword, hoping they find jobs that suit them. If they happen to come across the right job add, details are often left out into what exactly it is, and the applicant needs to sift through it to see if it suits them. Our solution to this problem is creating pre-set categories for temporary jobs, and then notifying the right people as soon as it is posted. With Workfast, you can be heard instantly when a job is created that suits your skills. When viewing the job, you should also be able to get a good picture of what it is at a glance.

An easier way to apply for jobs

The second part we revolutionise is the way you communicate with the employer and put your application forward for the job. Resume's and cover letters aren't always appropriate, especially for casual work. No one enjoys writing resumes or cover letters, then sending them off to employers in hopes they get an idea of who you really are. Employers don't enjoy screening hundreds of resumes either. Determining who to hire from a stack of papers is a difficult task that is often horribly inaccurate. With Workfast, you can apply for casual jobs in Melbourne with your profile, already outlining everything about you and showing the employer who you are. Your application is per job, meaning you know exactly what you are applying for, what you will be doing, and what is the offered wage. You may then use your profile and experience to make offers on price.

We have streamlined the process to make it accurate, quick, and painless. Through Workfast, you can instantly find out about jobs that work for you, and bid for them in a few clicks.


Casual Jobs Melbourne

Using your profile to apply for jobs

One thing we understand is that the connection between you and potential employers is somewhat personal. Employers don't just want to see a long list of skills and experience, they want to know who it is that is offering to complete their job. Forbes discusses the top skills employers are looking for as firstly, being able to work in a team structure second, having the ability to solve problems, and thirdly being able to communicate well verbally. These are followed by a number of other skills, however, what is evident is that it is the softer skills that shine through and are important. These skills are difficult to show on a resume, however, show up much better through a well-built profile. Our profiles are designed to show a bit about who you are. Your profile picture and rating are boldly displayed, as well as an about me section, and the use of videos and highlighted skills to paint a picture of who you are. Workplaces can then hire based on more than just work experience, but also have an idea of who it is they are hiring before even talking to you. This speeds up the process of getting hired, as you no longer need to craft a resume and cover letter, hoping you satisfy what the employer wants, but instead you have a set profile, that an employer can view.

The benefits of using Workfast

Try using Workfast to find part-time or casual jobs in Melbourne. Whether you are between jobs, need extra money or saving for a holiday Workfast is the easiest way to find On Demand work. We match employers with employees in a realtime environment. Hence ensuring you get the right job at the right time and at the rate.

Job categories include hospitality jobs, trades, administration jobs, online jobs they are all available as casual jobs Melbourne. Whether you work in a specific field or you would just like a little extra money working in a different role. Working technology you might like to have new experiences and meet new people in hospitality. You are free to choose where and when you work and who you work for.