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Casual Jobs in Sydney

Looking for casual staff or casual jobs in Sydney? Workfast is the place to find jobs and be matched with suitable employers. Benefits start with the creation of an instant connection to employers and their available jobs.  Anyone looking for work can browse a variety of casual jobs in their area, and then choose the ones that suit them best. You can even be notified of suitable jobs the second they are posted. Whether you are studying or already working full time, our platform allows you to earn extra money on your schedule. Choosing where, when and what work you would like to do leaves you in control to earn money when you like. Have your say on who you would like to work for, and what locations suit you.

“I love using Workfast on weekends to get extra money in hospitality, working as a waiter or host. It is the perfect way to break up my week as I’m a full-time designer during the day.”
Brian Newtown, Sydney, NSW

The nature of casual work

The total number of casual workers in Australia is sitting at 20.1% of the total workforce, totalling at 2,396,500 workers. What these numbers show is that 1 in 5 workers relies on casual employment in some way to provide an income.

Thanks to advances in technology and innovation, the casual employment trend looks only to increase as the On Demand economy continues to boom. In today's world, it has never been easier to find employers who are providing casual jobs in Sydney. Companies are constantly looking for skilled people to come in and fill jobs at the time they need them done.

Up until now, it has been tough for companies to find casual workers. Their typical ways of searching would involve word of mouth, or going through a lengthy process of posting a job ad and looking to hire someone. Problems come in that it can be very hard to find skilled workers through word of mouth, and posting a job and looking for applicants easily becomes an overly complicated process. The standard hiring process generally applies to long-term employment but does not do much to solve the problem of finding casual workers for a short term.

Why workers love us

It has never been easier to get casual jobs in Sydney. Whether you are in Manly or Bondi, Parramatta or Penrith you can be notified of jobs you want, and fast! Matching you with the right job in the right area, and at the right time, is essential in filling your needs and earning money on your terms. Our technology ensures you are instantly connected with new jobs through push notification, email and SMS. The faster you reply the faster you will be hired.

Work where you want - Our employers are everywhere around Sydney, choose the area you would like to work in and get notified of jobs near you. Not to mention that a number of our jobs are able to be done from remote locations, allowing you to work from anywhere.

Choose who you work for - Our employers create a profile and are given a rating on each job, just like our workers. We want to make sure our workers are comfortable going out to jobs and feel like they know who they are working for before they even start. The choice we give you allows you to choose which jobs you want to take and who you want to work for.

Work when you want - We think this is one of the best parts of our business. You should be able to get work when you need it, and take days off when you want them. There is no obligation to take on new jobs, so you can get those extra shifts to fit in with your schedule.

Flexible start times - Work on our platform can take a variety of different shapes. Jobs come with all types of start and finish times, allowing you to find the hours that suit you. Some jobs even offer the flexibility of completing it when you want, as long as you can get the job done within the deadline.

Get paid daily - Yes, our platform allows you to get paid daily! Every day we allow you to withdraw your funds from your workfast account at no cost to you. Need some cash for the weekend? Why not do a few shifts with us during the week?

For stay at home parents

Stay at home parents or parents who want to get back to working part time can find casual jobs in Sydney to fit their schedule. We understand the difficulty in raising a family and trying to make enough to pay the bills at the same time.

Studies have shown that both Women and Men make adjustments to their professional lives. 42% of women and 28% of men report to reducing their working hours by reducing their working hours, and both report to taking significant time off work, reported by 39% of women and 24% of men. 27% of women and 10% of men even resort to quitting their jobs. Of the two, women are then much more likely than men to take these actions, however, both are shown to make sacrifices where they are needed.

Workfast makes it possible for parents to find casual jobs in Sydney that fit in their schedule. Have the time to look after your family without having to deal with strict rostering and booking time off in advance. Need to take time off for school holidays? No problem. Need to only work two days a week? Find that too.

For students

The student lifestyle is one that especially stands to gain from finding casual work in Sydney. Studying puts you in a position of having an irregular and ever changing schedule with classes scattered throughout the week. On top of that, students are faced with deadlines such as large assignments and exams, followed by school holidays where the goal becomes to get as much in as possible before it all starts again. Casual work is what allows students to focus on their studies while making enough to make a living and pay for their education.

Students don't just want casual jobs that fit their schedule, they also want to gain experience and build a strong work history. Having access to a number of different employers, and have a chance to use their education is a great asset. We create a place where  students can view and bid on a variety of jobs working for different employers. Students can build their network, learn new skills, and find casual work that fits their schedule.

For working professionals

Working professionals can come in a number of different forms, from having a standard 9 to 5, to working multiple jobs on a part-time or casual basis. Whatever the case, Workfast allows professionals to find the extra casual work they need. Have some extra bills to pay? We can help you get the extra shifts you need. Want to get some work in a different field? We can help expand your reach. Whatever you are looking for, we give the flexibility of being able to get work when you need it, and get paid right away.


Matching workers for casual jobs in Sydney in real time and allowing payments all contained in the one platform, is a priority. Therefore creating efficiency in hiring and managing staff.