Protection Officers and Rail Safety Staff

Workfast provides rail safety staff and protection officers across the eastern states of Australia. Our in house specialist rail safety team has over 15 years experience providing worksite protection staff to the rail industry. We work with trier 1 companies on major rail construction and upgrades to ensure safety through the industries most experienced staff.

We understand rail and deliver only the best rail safety staff and protection officers. Workfast can provide rail labour, trades and supervisors along with protection officers in complete teams for all types of rail projects.

Staff We Provide

  • Protection Officers
  • Flaggies
  • Hand Signallers
  • Handsignaller Level 1
  • Handsignaller Level 2
  • Electrical Permit Holder
  • PO Level 1
  • PO Level 2
  • PO Level 3
  • PO Level 4